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Blueprint Digitization: A Game-Changer for Businesses

In the modern business landscape, blueprint digitization is more than a trend; it’s a necessity. Here, the WideTEK Wide-Format Scanners play a pivotal role. Specifically, the WideTEK 36CL, 48CL, and 60CL models. These devices transform physical blueprints into digital formats, ensuring their longevity and accessibility.

Why Blueprint Digitization is Essential

Firstly, digitization with the WideTEK Scanner preserves crucial architectural and engineering documents. Moreover, this process safeguards against physical deterioration and loss. Consequently, businesses experience enhanced security and longevity of vital documents.

Impact of WideTEK Scanners in Digitization

WideTEK Scanners offer ultra-fast color CIS in 36, 48, and 60 inches. Additionally, they provide impressive scan speeds, crucial for business efficiency. Thus, companies can digitize large volumes of blueprints quickly and accurately.

Features of WideTEK 36CL Scanner

Particularly, the WideTEK 36CL boasts a 96.5 cm scan width. Furthermore, it offers a high resolution of 1200 x 1200 dpi. Therefore, it ensures clarity and detail in every scan, essential for blueprint digitization.

Advantages of WideTEK 48CL Scanner

Similarly, the WideTEK 48CL features a 127 cm scan width. Also, it maintains the same high-resolution standards. Hence, it is ideal for larger blueprints, ensuring no detail is missed.

Benefits of WideTEK 60CL Scanner

Finally, the WideTEK 60CL, with its 157 cm scan width, stands out. Additionally, it exceeds FADGI guidelines and ISO 19264-1. Thus, it’s perfect for businesses demanding the highest quality in blueprint digitization.

Enhancing Efficiency with WideTEK Scanners

By using WideTEK Scanners, businesses streamline their document management. Also, these scanners’ built-in computers and multi-touch screens make operation seamless. As a result, workflow efficiency improves significantly.

How to scan blueprints with a large format scanner

How to scan blueprints with a large format scanner

Embracing the Digital Shift in Blueprint Scanning Since its inception in 1861, Scan blueprints have undergone a revolutionary transformation. Now, WideTEK large format scanners offer a sophisticated solution for digitizing blueprints, thus marking a significant leap...