How to scan blueprints with a large format scanner

Embracing the Digital Shift in Blueprint Scanning

Since its inception in 1861, Scan blueprints have undergone a revolutionary transformation. Now, WideTEK large format scanners offer a sophisticated solution for digitizing blueprints, thus marking a significant leap from past chemical processes.

Selecting Blueprints for Scanning

Initially, you must choose the blueprints for scanning. If they’re stored away, organizing their retrieval is essential. Moreover, this step is foundational for a streamlined scanning process.

Preparing for a Scan blueprints with WideTEK

Next, prepare your blueprints for scanning. This involves flattening and sorting them, ensuring that they are in optimal condition for the WideTEK scanner.

The WideTEK Scanning Workflow

Subsequently, the WideTEK scanner simplifies the scanning process. You simply load the blueprint, and the device handles the rest, offering various file format options to suit your archiving needs.

Why Choose WideTEK Scanners for Your Blueprints

WideTEK scanners are renowned for their cost-effectiveness and low operational expenses. Additionally, they deliver high-quality scans that are essential for preserving detailed blueprints.

The Advantages of Digital Blueprint Archives

Furthermore, digitizing blueprints with WideTEK scanners can lead to considerable savings. Digital archives also offer greater accessibility and searchability, making them more practical than traditional paper blueprints.

Deciding on the Best File Format After Scan blueprints

Post-scanning, it’s crucial to choose the right file format. TIFF is suitable for OCR, PDF for documentation, and JPEG for image editing, with WideTEK scanners adeptly accommodating all these formats, and more.

Resolution Considerations: from 150 DPI up to 1200 DPI

Moreover, selecting the appropriate scanning resolution is crucial. WideTEK scanners provide 150 dpi up to 1200 dpi resolutions, allowing you to capture the necessary detail for your blueprints. And optionally 9600 x 9600 dpi interpolated.

Reflecting on the Blueprint Scanning Evolution

Additionally, contemplating the shift from chemical to digital scanning highlights the remarkable progress in this field, with WideTEK scanners at the forefront.

Enhancing Scanning Efficiency with WideTEK

By tailoring your workflow to the capabilities of WideTEK scanners, you can significantly improve efficiency, ensuring a more effective scanning operation.

The Future Is Digital for Scan blueprints Management

Lastly, WideTEK scanners are paving the way for a future where blueprint management is entirely digital, leading to better access, management, and environmental sustainability.


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