WideTEK 24F Flatbed Scanner Superior Speed and Precision

Introducing the Pinnacle of High-Speed Scanning Flatbeds : WideTEK 24F

In the competitive world of high-speed scanning, the WideTEK 24F Flatbed Scanner emerges as a groundbreaking innovation. Firstly, this remarkable device sets new standards, leaving other flatbed scanners trailing. While typical scanners need tens of seconds to perform a full scan at 600 dpi, the WideTEK 24F dramatically changes the game.

Moreover, what truly sets the WideTEK 24F apart is its astounding speed. Impressively, it completes a high-quality scan of 24″ x 18″ in just 4 seconds. Following this, it takes only an additional second to finalize image cleanup and begin file transfer. Therefore, it significantly reduces the time spent on scanning processes.

Additionally, this remarkable efficiency of the WideTEK 24F is self-contained. It doesn’t depend on external software or additional PCs. The scanner’s built-in PC is a game-changer, streamlining the entire scanning process. Consequently, this integration brings unprecedented convenience and value to the scanning experience.

Furthermore, the WideTEK 24F’s built-in computer is not just a minor addition; it’s a cornerstone of its efficiency. This means that users benefit from an all-in-one solution, simplifying their workflow. Hence, the scanner stands not only as a tool for high-resolution scanning but also as a beacon of convenience and innovation.

Importantly, the WideTEK 24F’s capabilities go beyond just fast scanning. It offers more than 600 dpi Optical Resolution, providing exceptional image quality. Thus, it meets the needs of professionals who require precision and clarity in their scanned documents.

Reimagining Scanner Design: The WideTEK 24F Flatbed Scanner

Firstly, envisioning the WideTEK 24F Flatbed Scanner’s design brings to mind the sleek, modern aesthetics of a large, frameless smartphone. This analogy perfectly captures the scanner’s elegant appearance. Its scratch-resistant, anti-glare glass surface, spanning the entire scanning area, provides a seamless scanning experience for large objects. Additionally, enhancing its functionality, the optional PerfectStitch Software ingeniously merges partial scans of large documents, accommodating sizes up to 36 by 24 inches.

Innovative LF-CIS Technology: A Leap in Focal Range Capabilities

Furthermore, the WideTEK 24F Flatbed Scanner marks a significant advancement with its innovative CIS line sensor, employing Long Focal (LF-CIS) technology. This feature offers an extended focal range, nearly eight times that of competitors’ CIS flatbed scanners. Consequently, the WideTEK 24F excels in scanning non-flat items like books and artwork, capturing their depth and texture with unparalleled resolution. Thus, this scanner doesn’t just capture images; it vividly preserves the essence of the original materials.

Unmatched Color Reproduction: Setting New Industry Standards

Also, the WideTEK 24F sets itself apart with its exceptional color reproduction capabilities. Equipped with dual RGB lights and a high-quality diffusor, it achieves color accuracy and gamut almost on par with CCD scanners, the industry benchmark for flatbed scanners. Therefore, the WideTEK 24F effectively bridges the gap between CIS and CCD technology, presenting a solution that combines the best of both worlds.

In essence, the WideTEK 24F Flatbed Scanner is not just a piece of equipment; it’s a testament to innovative design and technological excellence, redefining expectations in the world of scanning technology.

WideTEK Scanner Technology Comparison

PropertyCCD (WideTEK 25)CIS (WideTEK 24F)CIS (Other)
SpeedVery HighHighLow
Focal depth3 – 5 mm0.3 mm0.1 mm
Dual side illuminationYesYesNo
Color gamutVery WideWideNarrow
Stitching2D required1D required1D required
Plain paper with foldsFolds not VisibleFolds not VisibleFolds Visible
Newspaper scansEasyReasonableVery Difficult
Wrinkled or torn documentsReasonableVery DifficultNot Possible
Lamp lifetime (typical)50,000 Hours50,000 Hours20,000 Hours
Price High Low LowestHighLowLowest
Included in WarrantyYesYesNo

The WideTEK 24F stands out for its compact design, an attribute that deserves commendation. Occupying merely 70% of the height and 60% of the width of its closest competitor, it exemplifies space efficiency. Moreover, this reduction in size does not compromise its functionality. Impressively, it maintains its status as a true flatbed scanner, fitting snugly on nearly any desk.

Furthermore, the design includes a removable and height-adjustable lid. Consequently, this feature significantly enhances its versatility, allowing for the scanning of objects of various sizes. Therefore, the WideTEK 24F not only saves space but also adapts flexibly to different scanning needs. In essence, it represents an optimal blend of compactness and functionality, ideal for optimized work-spaces.

WideTEK 24F Flatbed Scanner compared to traditional scanners

Foot-space and weight comparison of the real production scanner, the WideTEK 24F, the fastest CIS flatbed scanner on the market with other manufacturers

Versatility in Scanning: From Documents to Artworks and Beyond

Moreover, the WideTEK 24F is a cornerstone of versatility. It expertly handles a variety of items, including documents, photos, artwork, and books. Impressively, it supports a maximum load of 10Kg or 22lbs. Consequently, for those needing a robust and adaptable scanner, the WideTEK 24F emerges as the premier choice.

Precision Engineering: A Boon for Imaging Specialists

Additionally, the WideTEK 24F Flatbed Scanner features a highly accurate spindle drive. This component ensures precision within +-0.3mm across the entire scan length. Therefore, the scanner becomes an indispensable tool for quality control, ideal for tasks like scanning solder paste stencils.

Telecentric SELFOC Lenses: Ensuring Impeccable Image Quality

Furthermore, the telecentric design of the long focal SELFOC lenses eliminates stitching artifacts, especially crucial for scanning uneven surfaces. As a result, the WideTEK 24F consistently preserves image integrity, regardless of the object’s shape.

Innovative Scanning Technology: WideTEK 24F’s Industry Impact

Finally, the WideTEK 24F Flatbed Scanner symbolizes a leap in scanning technology. It offers a scanning solution that is not only rapid but also detailed and accurate. In essence, Image Access has redefined industry standards with the WideTEK 24F.


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