Wide-Format Scanners Role in Multi-function Peripheral (MFP)

If you are considering purchasing a sizable MFP solution with a particular wide-format scanner in mind, or if you want to upgrade an outdated wide-format scanner in your current large MFP system, please proceed with reading…

What MFP stands for?

a free-standing scanner for powerful and high quality large MFP system

WideTEK Scanner the Ideal Scanning Solution for Canon LFP series printer

Allow us to provide an explanation of what MFP stands for before proceeding further, MFP can represent various things, including multi-function Product, Printer, or Peripheral. In essence, a Multifunction Peripheral (MFP) is a device that combines multiple peripheral functionalities and capabilities, encompassing Printing, Copying, and Scanning.

The MFP market is anticipated to achieve a value of USD 22,940 million by 2026, showing a 2.5% CAGR from 2021 to 2026. Technological progress and shifting business requirements are propelling the evolution of the MFP market, with major players such as Canon, Epson, HP, Xerox, Mimaki, and Roland leading the way, just to name few.

MFP Hardware Components

One of the MFP components is the Large Format Printer which is a computer-controlled printing device that handles rolls with widths ranging from 18 inches to 100 inches.

The second component is the Large-Format Scanner, such as WideTEK Wide-Format Scanners from Image Access that has developed a wide range of Large Format Scanners that are the fastest and most productive wide format scanners on the market. All of the specified scanning speeds are guaranteed, due to the Scan2Net® technology integrated in the scanner´s own built in 64 bit Linux PC. A Scan2Net® scanner is a true standalone system capable of scanning directly to FTP servers, hot folders, USB drives, to cloud applications in the internet or copying to printers directly, without the need for an extra PC.

WideTEK 36CL integrated with Canon TX3000 TX4000 series printers

The fastest scanner in an MFP solution at the best price on the market

The Wide-Format Scanners Role

WideTEK scanners plays a crucial role in a Multifunction Peripheral system, since it is essential for creating digital backups, archiving records, and efficient document management. Let’s explore why it’s important:

Scanning Capability:

  • Capabilities: Scanners allow users to convert physical large documents into digital files.
  • Scan Width: WideTEK scanners offers a Scan Width of 915 mm (36 inch) in the WideTEK 36CL, 1118 mm (44 inch) in the WideTEK 44; 1220 mm (48 inch) in the WideTEK 48CL; or 1524 mm (60 inch) in the WideTEK 60CL.
  • Length: WideTEK scanners has nearly unlimited length of scanning, that will allow uses to scan 10’s of meters long documents.
  • Digital Format: A wide choice of digital outputs can be generated from WideTEK Wide-Format Scanners such as Multipage PDF (PDF/A) and TIFF, JPEG, JPEG 2000, PNM, PNG, BMP, TIFF (Raw, G3, G4, LZW, JPEG), AutoCAD DWF, JBIG, DjVu, DICOM, PCX, Postscript, EPS, Raw data and more.


Quality of Images:

  • Scanners tend to create better-quality images than Camera.
  • WideTEK scanners comes with 1200 x 1200 dpi (optionally 9600 x 9600 dpi interpolated) Scanner Resolution.
  • Using the latest camera technology and the built-in closed loop color calibration this scanner meets or exceeds all criteria set forth in the FADGI*** guidelines and in ISO 19264-1 level B.



  • Architectural Drawings: Scanning architectural plans, construction blueprints, and technical drawings.
  • Artwork and Posters: Digitizing large paintings, posters, and artistic creations.
  • Maps and Geographic Data: Converting maps, land surveys, and geographical layouts.
  • Engineering Designs: Scanning engineering schematics, layouts, and diagrams.



  • Collaboration: Digital copies facilitate collaboration among team members, eliminating the need to send physical documents back and forth.
  • Efficiency: Scanned documents are easier to manage, search, and share.
  • Space-Saving: Instead of storing bulky paper originals, you can store digital files compactly.
  • Quality: Large format scanners capture fine details and textures accurately.


Fully Featured Wide Format MFP Solution with No Compromises

WideTEK scanner supports all Canon & Océ Wide Format PlotWave Printer Series

WideTEK 36CL-600-MFx mounts on top of a Canon – Océ PlotWave wide format printer

Image Access PrintWizard is an extension to the ScanWizard software and converts every WideTEK scanner to a powerful MFP system by adding the printer of your choice. PrintWizard maintains full control of all features of the attached printer, even paper properties or the level of available ink are visible without having to physically access the printer.

PrintWizard allows the user to define and manage workflow with individual scanner, printer and folding parameters all on one device, the scanner. Using presets and templates, PrintWizard provides the operator with a complete image control and job management system without the need for additional software or two separate configurations on the scanner and on the printer.

Supported Printers:

  • Canon imagePROGRAF TA, TM, TX & TZ series printers
  • HP DesignJet Studio series printers
  • Ocè ColorWave and PlotWave series printers
  • Epson SC-T/P series printers
  • Canon iPF series printers
  • HP PageWide and DesignJet printers

In summary, while MFPs are versatile, scanners excel at creating high-quality digital files and efficient file-sharing. Both have their place in the modern office environment! Having said the above, we are asking you to consider your specific needs when choosing between an all-in-one MFP and a sourcing a dedicated scanner with your preferred large format printer.


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