Wide Format Scanners in Canada: How to Evaluate Options and Features


In Canada, as businesses embrace digital transformations, efficient document scanning becomes crucial. Particularly, wide format scanners have emerged as indispensable tools. Among these, the WideTEK Scanner stands out notably. Through this post, we’ll guide you on evaluating Canada’s top wide format scanners. Specifically, we’ll delve deep into the merits of the renowned WideTEK Scanner. So, let’s understand what sets WideTEK apart in the Canadian market.

Understanding Your Scanning Requirements

Initially, you must pinpoint your specific scanning demands. In Canada, factors like document types, scanning volume, and budget play pivotal roles in influencing your decision about wide format scanners. By understanding these needs, you can smartly invest in a device like WideTEK, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your business demands without exceeding your financial limits.

Moreover, it’s essential to understand that every business possesses unique needs. For instance, while a design agency in Canada might need a scanner like WideTEK to capture detailed, large format designs, a small enterprise could be looking for a simpler solution for infrequent scans. Therefore, let your unique operational requirements guide your choice.

Finally, when considering wide format scanners, think about integration into your document management framework. Devices such as WideTEK should not only fulfill present needs but also be ready for future business transformations. Hence, always prioritize scalability when investing in such equipment.

Key Features of Wide Format Scanners in Canada

In Canada, when delving into wide format scanners, various characteristics set models apart. Firstly, these distinctions often determine the scanning experience. Next, let’s focus on the crucial WideTEK features that truly influence the scanning process.

Image Quality

Firstly, image quality significantly impacts business operations. In Canada, wide format scanners typically gauge quality using Dots Per Inch (DPI). This metric directly affects scan resolution and detail. Generally, WideTEK scanners offer a range between 200 to 1200 DPI. For detailed documents like CAD drawings or maps, one might need greater DPI.

However, there’s a catch. Increasing the resolution, unfortunately, boosts file sizes. Large files, in turn, can drain storage swiftly. Thus, when considering WideTEK scanners in Canada, always weigh your needs against potential storage challenges.

Scanning Speed

In high-volume scanning operations like service bureaus or busy offices, the scanning speed becomes a critical factor. Scanner speeds are measured in inches per second, and wide format scanners often have widths ranging from 36 to 60 inches. It’s essential to ensure your scanner can keep pace with your operations to prevent bottlenecks. Our WideTEK scanners offers up to 15 inch/second (22.9 meter/minute), by far the fastest color scanner on the market.

However, speed should not compromise the quality. Fast scans that produce sub-par images defeat the purpose of digitizing. Ensure the scanner you choose offers a balance of speed and quality.

Pricing and Total Cost of Ownership

Undoubtedly, the upfront cost is a pivotal aspect in buying decisions. Yet, for wide format scanners in Canada, there’s more to consider. Beyond the sticker price, one must factor in the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Specifically, the TCO encapsulates operational, maintenance, and repair expenses.

Interestingly, a scanner like WideTEK might have a competitive initial price. However, potential high operating expenses can make others less economical over time. Ultimately, it’s essential to select a scanner, like WideTEK, that delivers value throughout its lifespan.

Why WideTEK Scanners Stand Out

WideTEK Scanners have consistently proven to be a reliable choice among the myriad of wide format scanners in the market. With their superior image quality, impressive scanning speed, and overall value, they offer a worthy solution for businesses seeking to streamline their document management process.

WideTEK Scanners

WideTEK CIS Large Format Scanners


WideTEK Scanners

WideTEK CCD Large Format Scanners

Wide Format Scanners in Canada: Unveiling the WideTEK Advantage

Firstly, thanks to Scan2Net® technology, WideTEK scanners guarantee impeccable scan speed. Integrated within, a 64-bit Linux PC boasts 16GB of memory. Consequently, these devices function as standalone systems. Impressively, they can scan to FTP servers, hot folders, or USB drives. Additionally, they easily connect to cloud applications and printers without requiring an external PC.

In terms of reliability, WideTEK scanners are built for 24/7 production environments. Furthermore, they rank among the most affordably priced scanners for their size. Notably, the WideTEK 60CL surpasses FADGI *** guidelines and meets the ISO 19264-1 standard.

Cost-wise, WideTEK represents an economical choice for wide format scanners in Canada. Its durable construction ensures a low total ownership cost, reducing potential repair bills. Lastly, choosing WideTEK ensures access to their outstanding customer service, a vital aspect when needing scanner support.

Wide Format Scanners in Canada: WideTEK’s Distinguished Features

Initially, wide format scanners in Canada are gaining popularity. Especially, WideTEK stands out with its remarkable features. Furthermore, users appreciate the product’s advanced technological components. Additionally, this brand has consistently surpassed its competitors in Canada. Therefore, those seeking reliable scanning solutions often lean towards WideTEK.

FeaturesWideTEK Scanner
DPI1200 x 1200 dpi (optionally 9600 x 9600 dpi interpolated)
SpeedHigh speed up to 22.9 meter/minute (15 inch/second)
PricingA true standalone system at the lowest possible price
Image qualityWideTEK Scanners produces extraordinarily sharp images, with color accuracy even superior to competing scanners
OperationVery Economical, ZERO Consumables
MaintenanceRemote maintenance and troubleshooting
ReliabilityGentle Scanning of Historical and Fragile Documents
Value for moneyExcellent
Customer SupportEasy installation via Scan2Net® Technology and Firmware updates via web interface

Wide Format Scanners in Canada: Making the Right Choice

In conclusion, choosing wide format scanners in Canada demands thorough needs assessment. Additionally, evaluating key features and costs is essential. Amongst Canadian options, WideTEK stands out significantly. They offer quality, speed, and unmatched value. Thus, when thinking of enhancing your business with such scanners, prioritize these pivotal considerations.

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