Why Libraries Need Dust and Virus Removal …

When you go to a library to read a book, you’re basically going to a comfortable, quiet place, with enough lighting to be able to engage in your reading.

One big problem with libraries is that since they have a large number of books – some of which are never used – they also have a tremendous amount of dust and viruses.

Some people, especially the ones susceptible to dust, may even develop allergies and asthma since dust and dust mites are asthma triggers. A lot has been done to try to eliminate dust and viruses from books, but little has been achieved since a method to disinfect a book without damaging its pages is found Book Sterilization. For libraries to keep offering a comfortable place for all their readers, they must use a Book Sterilization machine.

flu, Sneeze & Saliva

“Fungi, Bacteria and Virus that threaten the health of readers from flu, Sneeze & Saliva that might get into books”


Going to a library is like submerging yourself into a different world – Reading a book, flipping through its stained pages is an indescribable feeling.

The truth is that reading a book is the best thing there is. The problem with library books is the number of germs and bacteria that are hidden in them. Libraries have so many places where dust accumulates, and books are one of them. Some books are very old and are almost never touched.

Others are people’s favorites and have been touched more than a million times. To the naked eye, they are harmless, but under the microscope, they are a garden of germs and bacteria. You can’t wash a book or vacuum it to get rid of the dust, but with our Book Sterilization you can.

The problem with books is that they are delicate. The ideal method to disinfect a book would be one that could preserve the condition of the book. The problem with that is the pages of the book. With Book Sterilization you will be able to disinfect book covers and the pages of the book.

A revolutionary sanitizing method that combines UV light with dust vacuum Book Sterilization is the ideal solution to remove germs from library items like books and other items.

The Book Sterilization is designed to eliminate fungi, bacteria and virus that threaten the health of readers through UV germicidal irradiation. The book Ultraviolet Sterilization offered by Book Sterilization cleans the inside and outside of books within 30 seconds of the machine being started to eliminate the threat to human health from virus and bacteria, and keep allergens away.

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By: Johni Jabbor