Transform Digitization at the National Library of Portugal with Archive Scanners

We’re excited to announce a fantastic milestone in digital preservation! The innovative Bookeye® Archive scanners from Image Access GmbH have completed a significant project. This time, it was at the esteemed Biblioteca Nacional de Portugal. Additionally, our trusted Portuguese Distributor and Trusted Partner played a crucial role. Together, we continue to advance the frontiers of digitization.

Bookeye Archive scanners the Strategic Choice …

After careful evaluation of various options, they strategically placed 19 Bookeye 5 V2 Archive scanners. Additionally, they installed 3 Bookeye 5 V1A planetary scanners. These are now at the University of Lisbon. Consequently, these advanced scanners will transform the digitization process at the National Library of Portugal.

Preserving History, Culture and Heritage …

The Portuguese library, spanning nearly ten centuries, is a hub of knowledge and history. It captures the essence of the nation’s rich culture and heritage. Importantly, the library uses technology to make its collections accessible. Recently, it teamed up with Image Access to digitize over 12 million pages, from A3 to A1 in size. Now, the entire catalogue is available online, offering easy access to researchers and the public alike. This move ensures that the vast heritage within the country’s largest library is shared widely. Clearly, this development will boost understanding and appreciation of Portuguese history and society.

Planetary Archive scanners in Scan Center

19x Bookeye 5 V2 Archive scanners and 3x Bookeye® 5 V1A deployed at the Library

Congratulation …

We extend our warmest wishes to the National Library of Portugal, RFS “Image Access Partner” & Image Access on their new project! The National Library of Portugal is a prestigious institution with a rich history, and we have no doubt that this project will be a resounding success.

From ABTec Solutions – Image Access Partner in Canada – Here’s to a successful collaboration and the preservation and promotion of knowledge and culture!


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