The Driving Force behind the demand for Digital Libraries

As per Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) projections, the number of foreign students expected to come to Canada each year will go up to 1.4 million by 2027 “do not forget the accumulating numbers from previous years”, as per an internal policy document. In 2023, 900 thousand students did study in Canada.

On the other hand, Canada’s population rose by 1.25 million in the year 2023 to Oct. 1 — the largest number in any 12-month period since its creation in 1867, according to new data from Statistics Canada.

The Questions?

Are our Canadian libraries ready for the new comers? Ready for the Next Generation? Are we ready with Digital Libraries to cover the mass requests of researches? Or your plan is simply to carry much more tangible books for borrowing!

For sure, the answer that we are not ready, especially in condensed cities. And, we are confident that the solution is not to expand visitor’s area, increase working hours or increasing the number of books or copies of books, since these are temp solutions.

So what is it?

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, extending the digital library arm will help our libraries to coop with the limitless thirst for information and the demand for more E-publishing, digital books, and e-reading after they became the norm.

The Canadian society, have become more technologically literate, hence, libraries needs to keep up with the times by adopting technology to meet the needs and expectations of their patrons.

Three factors are driving this evolution: the user, the service, and IT providers.

Firstly, the spread of technology use has made people more reliant on their digital devices, with even baby boomers developing a strong bond with them.
Secondly, libraries are now focused on providing technology that users want and need, such as cloud access, which allows for a dynamic adaptation of assets within a system.
Finally, IT providers such as ABTec Solution that adapted digitization tools and systems to avail digital libraries to host not only digitized bestseller novels, rather they include language-learning resources, audio books for kids, maps, drawing, newspapers and much more.

Where do we stand today?

Libraries in Canada can make significant improvements in embracing the technological age. Many now can provide digital services to ensure that indigenous, kids, newcomers and residents in smaller municipalities have the same access to materials as people in large, urban centers.

We are Ready, if you are!

In this context, ABTec Solutions delivers the best digitization solutions from multiple vendors like Image Access GmbH, 4DigitalBooks and Microtek International to offer a high-quality affordable scanners suitable for the widest range of materials, from books, to newspapers, art-works, paintings, large maps, drawings, periodicals, catalogs, magazines, objects, herbarium, specimens, botany, X-Ray films. All backed up by latest technologies in capture, image enhancement and optical recognition software’s. All this, ensures high-resolution scans that capture every detail, while preserving the integrity of the original.

In addition, ABTec Solutions offers a unique interactive and intuitive Digital Library Management System that is a comprehensively designed for digitally converted or digitally created materials. It provides a centralized platform for all types and sizes of digital assets such as documents, books, pictures, videos, and much more allowing users to viewing, browsing, searching, cataloging and sharing digitized content in full resolution viewing experience and ensuring easy scalability, access and management.

This increases efficiency in content retrieval, enhances user experience, and ensures data security. No matter which stage you are at in your digital strategy, the flexibility of the Digital Library Management System means that it can adapt your organization’s needs to utilize and re-use content more effectively.


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Demand for Digital Libraries
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Demand for Digital Libraries
Factors that are driving the evolution of Digital Libraries
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