Introducing the WideTEK 60ART-800 Art Scanner


Excitement builds as we introduce the WideTEK 60ART-800 Art Scanner today. This groundbreaking device revolutionizes the way we approach the scanning of various artworks. Whether dealing with oil and acrylic paintings, watercolors, charcoal and pastel drawings or mixed media collages and antique artworks, with or without frames, gently and in high resolution. It ensures delicate handling while delivering astonishing high-resolution outcomes.

Fine Art Scanner scanning a large painting

Experience the future of art preservation & reproduction with our cutting-edge WideTEK 60ART Art Scanner

Innovation at Its Core for Impeccable Reproduction

Certainly, the WideTEK 60ART-800 is not just any scanner. Thanks to its patented laser focusing and measurement technology, it meticulously captures every texture of the artwork’s surface. Offering an optical resolution of up to 1200 x 1200 dpi, it also allows seamless integration of ICC profiles, ensuring unmatched color accuracy.

Scanning Excellence: Ensuring Safety and Precision

Interestingly, the artwork passes under the CCD scanning elements in a fully automated process, avoiding any contact and thus safeguarding the surfaces up to 140 mm high. The WideTEK 60ART can even process artworks framed up to 240 mm thick directly, preserving their pristine condition and beauty. A framed work of art can be scanned directly without removing it from the frame first.

WideTEK 60 ART Scanner Front & Side Views

WideTEK 60ART wide format CCD Fine Art Scanner is a valuable production device for Museums, galleries & exhibitions

An Essential Tool for the Art World

Additionally, the WideTEK 60ART becomes an indispensable asset for museums, galleries, and exhibitions. It is capable of digitizing paintings that are still drying, provided the frame or edges are sufficiently dry. The UV- and IR-free cool white LED lighting further ensures that artworks remain unharmed by light exposure, avoiding any color distortion or damage.

A patented, laser-assisted dynamic focus adjustment helps the user to set the optimum position of the scan head. The same lasers are also used to dynamically measure the distance at five different positions during scanning and further help with resolution correction to avoid stitching artifacts.

Features Highlights

• PDF, PDF/A, JPEG, TIFF, PNM, multipage PDF and TIFF & DICOM Output formats
• Highest color accuracy
• Geometrical accuracy
• UV- and IR-free LED lighting
• Large color space: supports sRGB, Adobe RGB, native
• ICC color profile
• Scan2USB – Walk up scanning to a USB device
• Scan2Network – Output to network resources, SMB, FTP
• Virus resistant Linux – OS
• Remote maintenance and analysis
• Firmware updates via web interface

Sample outputs from the Art Scanner displayed on a screen

Witness the exceptional detail and color accuracy of the Art Scanner’s outputs

Featuring Leading-Edge Capabilities for Unparalleled Results

Moreover, the scanner offers a wide array of output formats, including PDF, JPEG, and TIFF, leading the way in color accuracy. It supports a broad color space with features such as sRGB and Adobe RGB. Not to mention, functionalities like Scan2USB and Scan2Network significantly enhance its versatility.

Simplified Operation and Enhanced Security

Furthermore, operating on a virus-resistant Linux OS, the WideTEK 60ART Art Scanner facilitates remote maintenance and straightforward firmware updates via its web interface, promoting a hassle-free user experience.


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