Explore the Top Biological Electrophoresis Gels Scanner – Bio-5000 Plus

Introduction – Biological Electrophoresis Gels Scanner with the Microtek Bio-5000 Plus

The Importance of Biological Electrophoresis Gels Scanners. In the ever-evolving world of biological research and study, a revolutionary transformation has taken place. Specifically, lab technology, especially the Biological Electrophoresis Gels Scanner, has become pivotal. Consequently, Microtek’s Bio-5000 Plus, a leading two-platform scanner, stands out with its remarkable features, thereby creating a smarter way to capture intricate details in the world of biological electrophoresis.

Key Features and Specifications of Microtek Bio-5000 Plus

Microtek Gel scanner

two-platform scanner for scanning and studying of biological electrophoresis gels

Beginning with its optical CCD technology and extending to the flexibility of dual-scan beds, the Microtek Bio-5000 Plus introduces an efficient and reliable method for scanning electrophoresis gels. Furthermore, equipped with an optical density range of 0.05 to 3.77D, it offers unmatched image quality, complemented by the innovative Auto-Focus function.

The Growing Application in Biotechnology and Gel Electrophoresis

Whether in biotechnology, herbarium specimen, or gel electrophoresis, the Bio-5000 Plus serves diverse applications. Notably, its intelligent design reduces the risk of mutual infection and emphasizes user convenience, thereby making it an essential tool for modern laboratories.

Diving Into The Features of Microtek Bio-5000 Plus

Optical Scanning Technology with 4800 dpi Resolution

Initially, Microtek’s Bio-5000 Plus employs a superior optical CCD technology that reaches an impressive 4800 dpi resolution. This ensures the detailed and clear capture of scanned electrophoresis gels, ultimately setting new standards in the field of biological research.

Auto-Focus Function for Optimal Image Quality

Next, the built-in Auto-Focus function takes the quality of scanned images to the next level. By adjusting the CCD and selecting the best focal length automatically, the Bio-5000 Plus guarantees top-quality, distortion-free results.

shifting the focal length

Auto Focus is able to change relative distances between the scanned gels and the CCD resulting in better and clearer image quality

Innovative Dual-Scan Beds and Leak-Free Holders Design

Moreover, with two platform designs and leak-free holders, the Bio-5000 Plus promises convenience and security. It minimizes the risk of mutual infection, significantly transforming the way electrophoresis gels are scanned in labs across the globe.

Performance and Efficiency – Understanding the Biological Electrophoresis Gels Scanner

Adoption of Energy-Saving LEDs

In line with global energy-saving trends, the Bio-5000 Plus uses energy-saving LEDs as its light source. This not only aligns with sustainable practices but also reduces the machine’s warm-up time, subsequently contributing to quicker scanning.

Convenient MiBio Software for Effective Handling

Similarly, bundled with convenient MiBio software, the Bio-5000 Plus facilitates quick scanning, emphasizing and tabulating important information. This software ensures further analysis and handling of images with absolute ease.

Speed and Accuracy in Scanning

Additionally, with a dynamic range of 0.05D to 3.77D and connectivity via Hi-Speed USB, the Bio-5000 Plus delivers accurate images within seconds. Moreover, it accommodates different scannable media types, supporting a wide array of file formats for versatile usage.

Applications and Real-World Usability of the Biological Electrophoresis Gels Scanner

Capturing Images of Wet Samples

Leak-Free Holders for Electrophoresis Gels

design of two platforms and leak-free holders

Firstly, the Bio-5000 Plus, combined with the ScanWizard Bio software, simplifies the capture and preservation of wet sample images. It uses Emulsion Direct Imaging Technology (E.D.I.T.) for clean and efficient handling, consequently providing a timely solution for biological research.

Designed Leak-Free Removable Glass Holder

Secondly, equipped with specially designed leak-free glass holders, the Bio-5000 Plus ensures hassle-free cleaning and washing. Various holder sizes are available to cater to different needs, thus making it a versatile tool in lab environments.

Delivering Accurate Images with Speed

Lastly, whether dealing with dry or wet gel samples, the Bio-5000 Plus ensures fast and accurate image capture. This saves valuable time, streamlines laboratory projects, and offers smart-touch button features for quick batch scanning.

Advantages, Benefits, and Powerful Software Features of Biological Electrophoresis Gels Scanner

Advantages of Using the Bio-5000 Plus

The astonishing sharpness and detailed image capture through Auto Focus technology set the Bio-5000 Plus apart. Additionally, its ability to handle uneven or creased targets and make batch scanning easy is a true innovation in biological electrophoresis gels scanning.

Benefits and Unique Features

From its Microtek-only removable watertight glass holder to its impressive image quality, the Bio-5000 Plus offers myriad benefits. Furthermore, its compatibility with all advanced image analysis software packages for gel electrophoresis enhances its usability across various research fields.

BioScanner Software Features

Along with MiBio, the Bio-5000 Plus brings powerful biological image analysis features with a user-friendly interface. Subsequently, its compatibility with 1D and 2D gel electrophoresis analysis software makes it a valuable turnkey solution in the industry.


In conclusion, the Microtek Bio-5000 Plus serves multiple applications in biotechnology and represents a tremendous asset for laboratories. By offering an array of advanced features, it stands as a premier choice in biological electrophoresis gel scanning. Therefore, investing in this technology will ensure innovation and excellence in your laboratory practices.


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