Efficiency and Affordability: Exploring Book Scanners

The Bookeye® family’s evolution highlights the progress in book scanners. Initially, in 1997, the first Bookeye scanner emerged. Now, we have reached the fifth generation. Furthermore, these scanners handle A3+ and A2+ sizes. Additionally, they offer speed and efficiency. Moreover, these book scanners are affordable.

Bookeye 5 Latest Generation

The Bookeye 5 V2 Book Scanner showcases a fully redesigned, more eco-friendly build. Additionally, it improves on ergonomics and usability over Bookeye 4 models. Moreover, the Book Scanner maximizes efficiency during all scanning stages. Also, its modular design simplifies upgrades from the Basic to the Kiosk or Professional versions. Consequently, this flexibility caters to various budgets and scanning needs.

The Bookeye 5 V2 enhances your scanning experience. Additionally, it delivers top-notch image quality. Moreover, this book scanner boasts smart, innovative functions. Importantly, it represents a genuine book scanning solution. Conversely, it’s not merely a digital camera on a pricey stand. Specifically, designers aimed it for self-service. Indeed, it supports formats 14% larger than A2. Furthermore, it measures 460 x 620 mm or 18 x 24 inches. Also, it features an intuitive built-in operating system.

Installation is straightforward – consequently, you will scan minutes after unpacking. Furthermore, the Bookeye 5 V2 serves well. Specifically, it is ideal for libraries and archives. Additionally, it suits offices well. Also, it’s great anywhere you need to scan. Therefore, it’s a top choice for a book scanner.

A2 Book Scanner models

Six Bookeye 5 V2 book scanner models available: Basic, Kiosk, Professional, Automatic, Archive and Semiautomatic


Six Bookeye 5 V2 book scanner models available:
1. Basic:

The entry level model offers the same scanning functionality and speed as the other levels at the lowest possible cost.

2. Kiosk:

This model includes all of the features of the Basic model plus the Scan2Pad application for scanning and operation with any mobile device, foot switch and Full Coverage Warranty.

3. Professional:

This model includes all of the features of the Basic model, but has a higher resolution of 600 dpi and client interface for 3rd party software to meet the highest quality standards. It also includes a foot switch and Full Coverage Warranty.

4. Automatic:

Same like the Professional model, however, paired with maximum productivity thanks to the motorized V-shaped glass plate.

5. Archive:

Same like the Professional model, however, includes a Self-adjusting book cradle with V- as well as flat glass plate.

6. Semiautomatic:

An enhanced Professional model with unique self-adjusting and V-shaped book cradle solution that allows scanning either at a 120 degree angle or in flat mode with motor driven glass plate.

Multitouch Screen
Bookeye 21 inch multitouch screen

21 inch full HD Multi-touch screen to control image quality and make many modifications on the fly

The 21-inch full HD multitouch screen improves book scanner control. Consequently, operators can adjust image quality swiftly. Moreover, users pinch and swipe for zooming or moving. Additionally, attach an optional screen for enhanced operation. Thus, you can use the main touchscreen for scanning. Meanwhile, preview images on the second screen. Furthermore, the Live Preview function enhances usability. Finally, it offers a live video view for pre-scan positioning.

Three possible positions to attach the touchscreen:
Bookeye touch Screen

3 positions to attached the touch screen on the Bookeye 5 V2 Book Scanner





The scanner neck supports the book scanner. Additionally, you can attach it to the scanner’s front side. Alternatively, attach it to the back side for different angles. Moreover, the monitor works unattached, lying flat. This setup complements the book scanner well.

Optionally, you can mount a separate preview screen. However, attach it to the neck. Additionally, place the main touch on the side. In contrast, avoid positioning both in the same area. Consequently, this setup benefits the book scanner’s usability. Therefore, it ensures better accessibility. Moreover, the design caters specifically to book scanner users.

Unique Cradle
Book Scanner Cradle

Unique magnetically coupled book cradle solution

This unique book scanner offers a magnetic coupled cradle. Therefore, it supports digitization of A2+ books and documents. Users can lay materials flat at 180°. Alternatively, place them at a 120° angle for safe handling. Moreover, the cradle’s two sides connect magnetically. Consequently, this design simplifies adjustments to the book fold. Thus, it ensures optimal scan results.

The Bookeye 5 V2 book scanner now includes a dark mode operation. Consequently, this feature reduces light reflection, enhancing scan quality. Moreover, it minimizes eye strain, improving user comfort. Therefore, users experience better performance with this book scanner.

The Bookeye 5 V2 book scanner has an optional (included with the Kiosk) a Scan2Pad functionality. This Scan2Pad enable wireless connection of the Bookeye directly to mobile devices like iPads and Android tablets and scanned images are available immediately as PDF or JPEG files.

Book scanners operate multilingual, supporting more than 20 languages with the software option Scan2OCR were users can transform books, files and other documents quickly and easily into searchable multipage PDF files. Additionally, they feature unique Scan2Net and ScanWizard interfaces. Moreover, users can customize these interfaces to align with corporate identities. Consequently, they adhere to established norms and standards.

Book scanners effectively correct folds. Consequently, they reduce annoying shadows. Moreover, they minimize distortions in thick documents. Therefore, images appear perfectly flat.


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