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Venturing into Digitization Managed Service

In the swiftly changing landscape of Digitization Managed Service, safeguarding treasured cultural heritage takes precedence. Similarly, providing broad access to priceless information emerges as equally crucial. Responding to these requirements, institutions and individuals are increasingly deciding to digitize their collections. Moreover, they aspire to share these with a worldwide audience.

In this context, a partnership with ABTec Solutions becomes a strategic move. ABTec ensures a safe and secure transition into the digital sphere. Our wide-ranging solutions include consultation, cutting-edge technology, training, support, and data management. Consequently, these aid in streamlining the digitization process

Whether you’re a large institution aiming to preserve and share your cultural treasures or an individual seeking to safeguard your personal collection, ABTec Solutions is equipped to facilitate your digital transformation. We value each collection we work with, and our primary aim is to exceed client expectations by delivering exceptional service quality at every stage of the digitization process.

ABTec Solutions & Managed Services

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ABTec Solutions: Unleashing Your Digital Potential through Comprehensive Digitization Managed Service

As your digitization ally, ABTec Solutions commits to helping you protect your irreplaceable legacy. Furthermore, we aim to enhance its accessibility. Through implementing stringent security measures and premium storage solutions, we safeguard your digitized collection. Not only does it remain well-protected, but it also becomes effortlessly accessible to authorized users.

Our team comprises experts dedicated to discerning your distinctive requirements. In addition, they are adept at formulating effective strategies and suggesting innovative technologies. Consequently, this ensures a seamless digitization process, providing you with an effortless experience.

As a part of our commitment, we also offer state-of-the-art scanning equipment, including the advanced Bookeye series of book scanners. These, combined with our powerful software tools, allow you to manage and process your digitized collections effectively and efficiently.

Unlocking Digital Transformation with ABTec: Your Expert Guide in Digitization

In the landscape of digital transition, ABTec Solutions comes forward as your trusted guide. We invest our time to grasp your digitization aspirations, subsequently suggesting strategies and technologies tailored to your unique requirements.

Our consulting service isn’t just about advising. Along each step of your digital journey, we stand by your side, arming you with essential knowledge and tools for successful digitization.

The world of digitization technology can indeed be daunting. To simplify this, our consulting approach incorporates recommendations for top-notch scanning equipment and software tools. With ABTec, you’re always in good company throughout your digitization journey.

Premium Technological Solutions: ABTec’s Commitment to Efficiency and Efficacy

Within the realm of digitization, efficiency reigns supreme. ABTec Solutions, with its advanced scanning equipment and robust software tools, ensures your digitization journey is seamless and productive.

We take pride in offering state-of-the-art scanners like the Bookeye series. Coupled with our comprehensive software solutions, these tools empower you to manage and process your digitized collections effortlessly.

Our dedication extends beyond just offering technology. We provide continuous training and support, ensuring you and your team are proficient with our solutions. As a result, your digitization process becomes as smooth and efficient as possible.

ABTec’s Technological Solutions: Harnessing Cutting-Edge Equipment and Robust Software for Seamless Digitization

Understanding that digitization quality heavily relies on the employed technology, ABTec Solutions offers top-notch equipment and software. Our aim is to ensure accurate, effective management and processing of your digital collections. We’ve designed our technological solutions to safeguard the original material’s integrity and streamline the management of the digital collection.

Our high-tech scanning equipment, like the Bookeye series of book scanners, promises precise and high-quality digitization. Not only are these scanners adept at handling fragile materials, but they also produce high-resolution digital copies, thus maintaining the original’s integrity. Moreover, our robust software tools simplify the processing and management of digitized collections, enabling you to effectively utilize your digital assets.

Going beyond the primary digitization process, our advanced software tools render your digitized collections easily searchable and retrievable. This enhances the usability of your digital assets. To top it off, we consistently update our technology to align with the latest industry standards and developments. With ABTec, you’re guaranteed access to the most advanced digitization solutions.

Offering Comprehensive Training and Support: We Smooth Your Digitization Journey with ABTec

Maximizing the effectiveness of digitization solutions, ABTec Solutions presents comprehensive training and support. Our dedicated team stands ready to equip you and your staff with the knowledge to operate our technology and we stand by your throughout the process.

Our training program empowers you with the knowledge and skills needed for a successful digitization process. We guide you on how to operate our scanning equipment, use our software tools, manage data, and secure it while following the best practices.

Moreover, we extend our assistance for any questions or concerns you may have during the digitization process. We commit to smoothing your digitization journey with ABTec.

Secure Data Management and Storage: We Ensure Safety and Accessibility of Your Digitized Collection

At ABTec Solutions, we prioritize the importance of data security and accessibility. That’s why we offer secure, cloud-based storage solutions, keeping your digitized collection safe and easily accessible for authorized users.

We establish stringent data protection measures for your digital assets. Your digitized collection resides in a secure, cloud-based environment, where access remains strictly controlled and monitored. We value your collection, and security remains our prime concern.

But we don’t limit our concern to security. We prioritize accessibility. Our cloud-based storage solutions make sure that you can easily access your digitized collection, whether to retrieve a specific item or to browse your digital assets.

ABTec Services

Digitizing all types and sizes of large media such as Maps, Architectural Drawings, Books, Magazines, Registries, etc. using the most technologically advanced and fastest scanners from industry leading manufacturers

Commitment to Quality: Precision, Security, Customization, and Continuous Improvement

ABTec Solutions promises top-quality Digitization Managed Service. Our work reflects our commitment to quality, from the precision and accuracy of our scanning process to the security measures we establish to protect your digital assets.

Innovative scanning technology is employed to ensure accurate and detailed digitized collections that mirror the original materials. Security and privacy are given prime importance, with stringent data protection measures implemented to ensure controlled access to digital assets. At ABTec, the uniqueness of each digitization project is recognized.

Thus, we tailor our services to meet specific client needs. We also commit to continuous improvement. We stay updated with the latest trends in digitization technology, assuring our clients receive the best solutions and stay ahead of the curve.

Entrust Your Digitization Project to ABTec Solutions: Secure, High-Quality, Tailored Services for Your Unique Needs

Digitization, a critical process, requires expert handling. At ABTec Solutions, we use our knowledge, experience, and technology to provide secure, high-quality Digitization Managed Service. We work closely with you to understand your unique needs and tailor our services accordingly.

You can trust us to safely transition your precious collection into the digital realm. Our meticulous digitization process ensures each item in your collection is accurately replicated in digital format. With our secure storage solutions, your digital assets remain well-protected.

Choose ABTec Solutions for your digitization needs. With us, you get a partner who understands your unique requirements, offers tailored solutions, and delivers exceptional quality at every stage of the digitization process.

Transforming the Future with ABTec’s Digitization Managed Service: Empowering Organizations and Individuals with Digital Capabilities

Embrace the future with ABTec’s digitization managed service. We empower organizations and individuals with digital capabilities such as content management, cloud, and RPA, enabling them to reinvent their business models and access their valuable collections anytime, anywhere.

Our Digitization Managed Service not only handles your physical archive but also add value to your digital content. We incorporate risk mitigation and compliance adherence strategies into our process, ensuring a seamless and secure transformation.

You can be confident in the knowledge that your digitization project is in the hands of professionals when you choose ABTec’s digitization managed service. We deliver tailored, high-quality services that cater to your unique needs, ensuring the success of your digitization journey.


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Partner with ABTec Solutions for Your Digitization Managed Service Needs: Harness Our Expertise and Experience for Your Success

When you choose ABTec Solutions, you’re partnering with a company that has over 100 years of collective experience in IT consulting. Our expert team holds extensive knowledge, skills, and experience to handle your digitization project successfully.

We understand the challenges that come with digitizing a collection. But our expertise and experience will help you overcome these challenges and ensure the success of your digitization project. Our Team provides personalized guidance, uses state-of-the-art equipment and powerful software tools. Offers comprehensive training and support and implements secure data management and storage solutions.

Choose ABTec Solutions for your Digitization Managed Service needs. With us, you get a partner committed to delivering exceptional quality and ensuring the success of your digitization project.


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