Bookeye Scanner in Canada: A New Era of Scanning Excellence

Intro to next generation of A3+ overhead book scanners

  • Bookeye Scanner in Canada: Unlike many other devices, the Bookeye 5 V3 isn’t just a camera on a frame. Instead, it’s a genuine scanner solution, tailor-made for self-service. Consequently, users can effortlessly set it up on any desktop or workspace. Moreover, the installation process is so easy and intuitive that you’ll be scanning within minutes.
  • Eco-friendly and Ergonomic: The Bookeye 5 V3 represents the future of book scanners. Not only is it eco-friendly, ensuring sustainability, but its ergonomic design also guarantees user comfort.
  • Diverse Models for Varied Needs: There are four distinct up-gradable models available: Basic, Kiosk, and Professional and Automatic. Each model caters to different user needs, ensuring flexibility and efficiency.
A3 Bookeye Scanner in Canada V3 Features

Bookeye 5 V3 Book Scanner Functions and Features

Features of the Bookeye Scanner in Canada

  • V-shaped Book Cradle: This feature ensures the gentle scanning of valuable and fragile books. The cradle opens to a 180° angle, holding the book naturally without causing any damage to its spine.
  • Laser-assisted Fold Correction: This feature effectively minimizes distortions when scanning thick bound documents, ensuring a perfectly flat scanned image.
  • Built-in PC: The Bookeye comes standard with Built-in PC and 21 inch full HD Multi-Touch screen for simplified operation.
  • Secured OS: like all Bookeye scanners, the system has a virus protected 64 bit Linux operating system, OS independent, runs with Windows, Linux & Mac OS.
  • Scan2Net: Better than just another client software package, Integrates into existing networks without additional drivers or PCs, Unrivalled performance, highest security, low connectivity cost

Models & Their Unique Attributes

  • Basic Model: This entry-level model offers the same scanning functionality and speed as the other models but at a more affordable cost.
  • Kiosk Model: This model includes all features of the Basic model, plus the Scan2Pad application for scanning with any mobile device, a foot switch, and a Full Coverage Warranty.
  • Professional Model: This model offers a higher resolution of 600 dpi and a client interface for 3rd party software integration.
  • V3A Automatic: Gentle document digitization paired with maximum productivity thanks to the motorized V-shaped glass plate

A3 Bookeye Scanner in Canada

Advanced Functionalities of Bookeye Scanner in Canada

Touchscreen Control: Equipped with a 21-inch HD multitouch screen, users can instantly control image quality and make modifications.

Live Preview: Furthermore, this feature offers a live video view using a secondary camera, ensuring the document’s precise position before scanning.

Multiple Touchscreen Positions: Moreover, the touchscreen can be positioned in three distinct ways, or it can conveniently lie flat, unattached next to the scanner.

Unique Features for Enhanced Usability

Magnetic Book Cradle: In addition, users can digitize A3+ documents either by placing them flat or using the V-cradle.

Dark Mode Operation: A novel feature in Bookeye 5 V3, it effectively decreases light reflection, thereby enhancing scan quality and simultaneously reducing user eye strain.

Multilingual Operation: Additionally, the interface supports over 20 languages, effectively catering to a broad range of users.

Specialized Features in Bookeye Scanner in Canada

Scan2Pad: With this optional model, users can wirelessly connect the Bookeye directly to devices like iPads.

Scan2USB: Also, users can directly output scans to the integrated USB-Port, and subsequently save them to USB devices.

Scan2Net: Notably, users can output scans to SMB, FTP, Printer, or Email without the need for third-party apps.

Scan2OCR: Furthermore, this feature allows users to swiftly convert scans into searchable PDFs. Notably, OCR occurs during the scan process.

Billing Module: On top of these, an optional billing module is available, offering comprehensive invoice printing and journaling.

Markets & Applications

Target Markets: Primarily designed for Libraries, Universities, Offices, and Copy Shops, it also caters to various other organizations.

Applications: Significantly, it’s perfect for preserving fragile historic items. Moreover, the scanner adeptly digitizes bound and stapled documents.


In conclusion, the Bookeye Scanner in Canada is undeniably poised to redefine scanning. With its blend of modern design, unmatched image quality, user-friendly features, and eco-friendliness, it’s evident that it stands as the future of professional scanning.


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