7 Reasons Why Scanning Blueprints & Large Documents is Vital

The Importance of Scanning Blueprints & Other Large Documents: Unveiling the Power of WideTEK Scanners

Indeed, the digital era has sparked a transformation in our handling of data. Remarkably, this shift has opened up avenues for compact record scanning and storage. However, scanning sizable items like blueprints, CAD drawings, and other extensive documents continues to be a daunting hurdle for many businesses, governments, and registries. Nevertheless, the immense value of converting these large documents into digital format simply cannot be underestimated.

Enhanced Control with Scanning Blueprints

There’s a profound allure in adopting large document scanning, predominantly because of the unparalleled control it grants. We’ve all felt the frustration in an office setting when a crucial document vanishes. Then, we find ourselves in a chaotic paper chase, sacrificing precious time that could have been invested in productive tasks.

So, how can we evade this too-familiar plight? The answer lies in digitizing documents. Utilizing a high-performance wide format scanner, like WideTEK, is a game-changer. With its speed, clocking in at 10 inches per second at 200 dpi in full color, and scan width reaching up to 60 inches, your key documents are always just a couple of clicks away. Plus, think of the storage space you’ll save! No longer will you have to turn your office inside out in search of that one elusive file.

To sum it up, the control gifted by scanning your documents instills not just order but also boosts productivity. With your documents in digital format, they’re well-organized, easily accessible, and perpetually at your fingertips. So why not step into this digital realm, and bid adieu to the hassle of paper documents?

Improved Integrity through Digital Backups

The clock ticks away on physical media, their quality deteriorating with each passing moment. Hence, the shift towards digitization is not only inevitable but also quite wise. Undoubtedly, the fear of losing your records forever looms if they remain untouched by the digital world. Consequently, scanning your large documents has shifted from a choice to an absolute necessity, all in the pursuit of robust data preservation.

By scanning your documents, you’re creating a digital fortress, a backup that potentially stands as an immortal guardian of vital information for generations to come. The act of transforming your tangible documents into a digital format guarantee that the treasures they harbor remain intact and within easy reach.

Employing a dependable wide format scanner, such as WideTEK, simplifies and streamlines the process of creating digital duplicates. This way, your records receive the safety they deserve, and their integrity sees a remarkable improvement. As a result, you can breathe easily, confident that your data, no matter what disaster strikes, will endure the test of time.

Instant Accessibility Everywhere

Instant accessibility to digital scans of blueprints and other documents reshapes the way we work. Regardless of location or time, this convenience stands unparalleled. Conversely, physical documents often find themselves tucked away in distant filing cabinets, far beyond our immediate reach.

Now, imagine bringing these documents to life by scanning them. Suddenly, you are propelling yourself into a realm of endless possibilities. With a click of a button, these documents can be uploaded to cloud applications such as MediaINFO Digital Library. Subsequently, you or your team can tap into these resources from virtually anywhere. Given the rise of remote work, this accessibility proves especially handy for teams scattered across different locations or for busy individuals always on the move.

Moreover, by employing a high-performing wide format scanner, like the WideTEK, scanning large documents becomes a cinch. In essence, the crux of vital information is no longer shackled by the constraints of physical space. Instead, it’s always ready and waiting right at your fingertips, making your life infinitely easier.

Easy Indexing of Documents

Scanning allows documents to be organized in a way that physical files can’t. Unorganized files and photos can pose a major obstacle when you need to access specific information. Digital scanning, however, provides a robust solution.

Once you scan and upload your documents using a wide format scanner, like the WideTEK, you can index everything for easy search and retrieval. This means that your documents are no longer a jumble of information, but a well-organized library that you can navigate with ease.

When work documents can be labeled by client name or project number, it promotes a more organized and focused workspace. Therefore, document indexing is not just about accessibility but also about increasing efficiency and productivity.

Digital Document Storage

Give the Freedom to your Blueprints and Cad Drawings with WideTEK Scanners

Space Saving with Digital Storage

The physical storage of documents presents a challenge in terms of space. Documents, especially large ones like blueprints and architectural drawings, require significant storage space. This is where digital storage comes in as a practical and attractive solution.

Just as an e-reader can store thousands of books, scanning large documents, scanning blueprints can save a substantial amount of physical space. With digital storage, the need for cabinets and shelves to hold these documents is eliminated.

WideTEK scanners simplifies this process, enabling you to scan and store all your important documents digitally. The space you save can be repurposed for more productive uses, transforming the way your space is utilized.

Disaster-Proof Your Documents

The tangible nature of physical documents leaves them exposed to unexpected disasters such as fires or floods. Under these circumstances, you risk losing vital documents, a loss which may prove challenging, or even unfeasible, to recover.

By taking the leap and digitizing your documents, you gain an unparalleled degree of security, a safeguard that traditional, physical documents can’t offer. Even amidst a disaster, your digital fortress protects your scanned documents, keeping them safe and sound in their digital sanctuary.

WideTEK scanners stand as a guardian, ready to transform your documents into digital fortresses, making them virtually immune to any disaster. Whatever curveballs life might throw, you maintain unbroken access to your maps, drawings, and documents. This surety not only protects your valuable documents but also wraps you in a comforting blanket of peace of mind.

Improved Productivity through Scanning blueprints

Boosting productivity becomes more feasible when you can devote less time to document hunting and more time to value-added tasks. Consider the substantial uptick in workplace productivity that scanning large documents brings. It presents a convenient way to rapidly access indexed images and information, which is a major time-saver for employees.

Now, let’s imagine a scenario where digital storage for documents isn’t available. In this case, employees would be caught in a never-ending cycle of combing through boxes and filing cabinets, hunting for specific documents. By embracing the practice of document scanning, however, you can liberate this time, allowing them to concentrate on their core responsibilities.

Here’s where WideTEK scanners leap into the picture, ushering in a transformation in how you handle your documents and, as a result, turbocharging your team’s productivity.

Professional Scanning Service

Professional Scanning Services at your disposal

Professional Scanning Services for Large Documents

Indeed, handling small documents might seem like a breeze, but we often hit a roadblock when it comes to oversized ones. It’s a common scenario where the necessary gear or ample space for big scanners is out of our reach. However, this certainly doesn’t put the digitization of your voluminous documents out of the equation.

This is precisely where professional scanning services emerge as a savior. They grant you the perks of scanning without compelling you to make a hefty investment in equipment. So, with these services on your side, you can now digitize your significant documents both affordably and with ease.

Take Your Next Steps

Grasping the significance of scanning oversized documents and blueprints is the initial stride. Once you’ve done that, the next task at hand is to seek a capable helper who can facilitate this process for you both swiftly and affordably. We, as experts in document scanning and management, present services designed to boost your productivity and ensure you have easy access to your documents. Feel free to reach out to us for a no-obligation quote today!

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