ABTec Solutions inks a Distribution Agreement with MiTAC
Ultraviolet UVC light is very effective at inactivating pathogens like viruses and bacteria

IDSmart Sterilizer

Edmonton, AB – June, 2020
MiTAC Information Technology Corp. (Taiwan, R.O.C.) the manufacturer of a Book UVC sterilization technology “IDSmart BookShower” have signed a partnership agreement with ABTec Solutions (Edmonton, AB based) for the purpose of marketing, sales and support of the BookShower Sterilizer in the Canadian market.

The BookShower sterilization service offered cleans the inside and outside of books with in 30 seconds of the machine being started to eliminate the threat to human health from bacteria such as e.coli and golden staph, and keep allergens away. Reading materials can be kept clean with out any scratches to ensure a safe and comfortable reading experience for readers.

This partnership sustains ABTec Solutions ongoing push to deliver premium solutions to its network of end-users and resellers across Canada with the latest technologies that serves the libraries and education community of Canada.

IDSmart BookShower Sterilizer is the ideal solution for libraries, since not only it sterilizes the covers but also inner pages using UltraViolet lights (sterilization ray) with 253.7nm of wavelength to enable the effective extermination of bacteria with 253.7nm of wavelength which displays the highest sterilizing capacity among UV-C rays providing a sterilization rate of 99.99%. IDSmart BookShower Sterilizer kills germs and cleans books of dust and minute scraps through a filter during the sterilization process. It takes only 30 seconds to sterilize 3 books.

IDSmart BookShower; just UVC rays and strong airflow

Features UV Lamp | 60 Seconds Sterilization | Air Blower | Electrostatic Air Filter | Non-Toxic No chemicals | Optional Natural Aroma

For many years, germicidal UltraViolet “UV” (also known as UV-C) helped stop the spread of numerous pathogens. Disinfecting frequently used surfaces is extremely important, and UV light is very effective at inactivating pathogens like viruses and bacteria. And as reported by the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES), UV-C is the most effective at disinfection.

See the BookShower page for more information.

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