MediaINFO Key Benefits

Key Benefits

Preserving Culture and Heritage

MediaINFO Digital Library preserves the legacy of irreplaceable cultural heritage treasures. Inheritance of past generations is maintained in present and is bestowed for the benefit of future generations. Researchers, students and the general public can engage with these digital representations of precious objects like Maps, Manuscripts, Books, Paintings and Newspapers without touching and potentially damaging the originals. Metadata and catalogue index can optionally be accessed by other institutions through standardized protocols for metadata harvesting.

Bringing Scanned Material Online

MediaINFO Digital Library is designed to allow controlled access to digitized objects through an interactive interface that provides an impressive, full resolution viewing experience. Objects are categorized and enriched with metadata using Dublin Core or other standards. Images with text become fully searchable through both metadata and full-text content, while hits are highlighted directly on high-resolution images of the original. Sensitive or Copyrighted materials can be locked down to allow access only from a specific location or from a specific account. At all times you remain in control of your content.

Bringing Scanned Material Online

With MediaINFO your interaction with the original, mimics the close manipulation that normally only an authorized researcher would be able to have. Intricate details that are visible only under an enlargement loupe suddenly appear on full screen view through a simple finger gesture. Researchers and students can create annotations directly on these high resolution images and share them with selected colleagues or through social media reaching new audiences. MediaINFO is not limited by file size, and can display enormous files to any device in real-time without large downloads or delays.

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