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MediaINFO is a complete Digital Library software solution for interactive and intuitive viewing, browsing, searching, cataloging and sharing digitized content.

Some of the world’s most prestigious libraries, publishers, educational institutions, magazines, and other organizations and companies are being impowered by MediaINFO.

Organizations using MediaINFO can utilize and re-use their content more effectively by leveraging past investments in content and re-purposing them for new audiences and markets.

Content will be transfered by MediaINFO into a highly searchable and usable information that is easy to share and annotate, while protecting the content with powerful DRM tools and access rules.

No matter which stage you are at in your digital strategy, the flexibility of the MediaINFO software means that it can adapt your organization’s needs. This is why it is sought after even by institutions it was not originally designed for.

It is typically installed as an On-Premise installation on Client’s infrastructure or could be hosted on Cloud Service.

MediaINFO Digital Library Software





MediaINFO Digital Library preserves the legacy of irreplaceable cultural heritage treasures. Inheritance of past generations is maintained in present and is bestowed for the benefit of future generations.

Researchers, students and the general public can engage with these digital representations of precious objects like Maps, Manuscripts, Books, Paintings and Newspapers without touching and potentially damaging the originals.

Metadata and catalog index can optionally be accessed by other institutions through standardized protocols for metadata harvesting.



MediaINFO Digital Library is designed to allow controlled access to digitized objects through an interactive interface that provides an impressive, full resolution viewing experience.

Objects are categorized and enriched with metadata using Dublin Core or other standards. Images with text become fully searchable through both metadata and full-text content, while hits are highlighted directly on high-resolution images of the original.

Sensitive or Copyrighted materials can be locked down to allow access only from a specific location or from a specific account. At all times you remain in control of your content.



With MediaINFO your interaction with the original, mimics the close manipulation that normally only an authorized researcher would be able to have. Intricate details that are visible only under an enlargement lope suddenly appear on full screen view through a simple finger gesture.

Researchers and students can create annotations directly on these high resolution images and share them with selected colleagues or through social media reaching new audiences.

MediaINFO is not limited by file size, and can display enormous files to any device in real-time without large downloads or delays.



MediaINFO Organize your Content


Easily organize your content into a categorized faceted display or hierarchical, tree-like structure, to keep your content easy to browse and neatly organized.

MediaINFO Mix Media import


MediaINFO imports various scanned as well as Audio and Video content and Digitally-Born files (PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc…)

MediaINFO Unlimited Future Growth Capacity


Grow your collection easily and scale it to hundreds of thousands of books & tens of millions of pages. MediaINFO can scale efficiently utilizing hardware resources.

MediaINFO Geolocation Metadata


By adding Geolocation Metadata (or extracting automatically from IPTC metadata embedded in photos), you can enrich your collection and create the basis for Geolocation Search capabilities on interactive maps.

MediaINFO structure Objects


Objects like Newspapers can be analysed for a logical structure, with a result showing exact Location, Heading, Content in correct sequence, Images, Captions and Continuations are automatically detected, while still allowing manual fine-tuning.

MediaINFO Smart Import feature


Sets of images can be batch-imported using smart variables that utilize folder names, file names or other Metadata files. If there is a defined unique identifier, MediaINFO can lookup Metadata automatically and pull it from Bibliographic System.

MediaINFO Extract from Bibliographic Systems


Extract From Bibliographic Systems: If you have existing metadata in bibliographic systems, embedded in files or SQL databases, MediaINFO can connect to those sources and retrieve this data automatically.

MediaINFO Authenticate through LDAP


Authenticate Through LDAP – Your organization might have an existing Authentication system based on Active Directory / LDAP. MediaINFO can connect to it for authentication purposes, while still allowing you fine-grained control over ACLs and individual accounts.

MediaINFO Control Access to your collection


Control Access to your Collections based on account settings and add user-specific rights if user is entitled to extra features (viewing, downloading). You can tightly control who can see what, how they can use that content. You can even lock users based on their IP-address or IP-range.


Happy Clients

Today MediaINFO clients range from the smallest publisher to great national libraries and governmental institutions, that are bringing millions of pages and images online each year.

Now, MediaINFO supports systems running tens of millions of pages worldwide and making tens of billions of words searchable.

Some clients use our solutions in secure, private access ecosystems, other clients choose to give access to millions of pages directly to the public.

MediaINFO Clients University Library of Lausanne

Bibliothèque Cantonal

University Library of Lausanne Hosted publicly over 649+ thousand Objects

MediaINFO Tallin University ETERA digital library

ETERA Academic Library

Tallinn University, Estonia
Over 90+ Thousand Publications

MediaINFO Sharjah digital library

Sharjah City Municipality

Sharjah is the third-most populous city in the UAE hosting publicly Activities Videos, Periodicals, Books, Photos, etc…

MediaINFO Kuwait National Library

Kuwait National Library

745 Historical Objects Hosted publicly, includes Books, Bank-notes, Coins, Manuscripts, Maps, Videos, etc…

More Happy Clients

Lausanne Bibliothèque Cantonale et Universitaire | National Library of Norway | Univerzitetna knižnica Bratislave | Slovak National Library | 24 heures | Swiss Institute of Comparative Law | Slovak Centre of Scientific and Technical Information | Domaine Public | Tallinn University Academic Library | Ružomberok Catholic University | University of Veterinary and Pharmacy in Kosice | University of Žilina | Kuwait Council of Ministers | Technical University of Košice | HISTOUR Museum | THAKERA-TECH by Albayan |The News Agency of the Slovak Republic |Abu Dhabi Municipality | UAE Ministry of Education | Kuwait National Library | Sharjah Municipality |UAE Prime Minister’s Office |Sharjah Documentation & Archive Authority | Church Of St. Francis of Assisi | Kuwait Amiri Diwan | Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority | Jordan Ministry of Education | Sharjah Arabic Language Academy | King Abdulaziz Complex for Waqf Libraries | Mohammed bin Rashid Library

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MediaINFO is a comprehensive digital library software for managing and sharing digitized content with powerful search and DRM capabilities.