e-khool LMS: Supercharge Your Training with the Best Learning Management Software

e-KHOOL is a Learning Management System (LMS) software application or web-based technology used to Plan, Implement and Assess a learning processes.

e-KHOOL LMS helps to access the content of learning ANYTIME and ANYWHERE so that the learners can complete their learning at their own Convenience Expediencies.

What Is LMS?

Often called an LMS for short, a Learning Management System is a software application that provides the framework that handles all aspects of the learning process – it’s where you house, deliver, and track your training content.


Training delivery via e-KHOOL LMS is consistent since it is centralized. It delivers a consistent training and learning quality to all learners by supplying a single source for content, course materials and instructions.


e-KHOOL LMSs allow the organization to easily generate training reports on an overall or learners level basis. By utilizing e-KHOOL LMS for eLearning courses and/or online training, trainers can easily track goal progress, knowledge gains, ROI and more.


Training via e-KHOOL LMS reduces learners travel, optimizes training overheads and usage, and minimizes the need for large facilities and many in-house instructors. From the cost savings aspect, an LMS is a no-brainer.


e-KHOOL LMS can help you satisfy can help satisfy legal and regulatory compliance organizations that are required to train, assess and report progress, to name just few of these industries are oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, communications, and building and construction.

What is e-khool LMS Software?

e-khool LMS is an Advanced AI integrated Learning Management System useful for Schools, Universities, Corporates and training Academies. We offer 100+ features from the creation of contents to delivery of the contents to the learners.

With the support for 25+ Third Party integrations, e-khool LMS; improve both client and user level experience. khool LMS infrastructure is based on microservice and one scale level to deliver the content in Mobile and Web, compatible with MAC, Windows, Linux, IOS and android devices.

Six categories are featured in e-khool LMS; such as, Admin Level, Learner Level, Marketing Level, Security Level, Analytics Level and other important features. e-khool LMS platform is fully customizable according to the clients needs.

100+ LMS Features Video

Tired of using multiple apps to run your online coaching academy? Do you feel your learning platform is a copycat of your competitor?

See a short video on e-KHOOL with its AI integrated next generation learning platform with 100+ features that no other learning platform offers

Why do you need LMS?

  • Brings user-friendly access that facilitates users to completely immerse in their own learning experience.
  • Provides a platform for teaching and learning without the time and distance restrictions.
  • Offers an opportunity to attain a huge, globally dispersed audience in short time with consistent content delivery.
  • Used for providing interaction and improve the abilities of learning and support higher-order learning.
  • Arranges the content of learning in one place, which minimizes the risk of losing sensitive data and makes it easier to understand and offers unlimited access to learning materials for brushing the concepts.
  • Offers an opportunity to keep track of learner progress and make sure whether they are attaining their performance milestones.
  • Helps to bring confidence and faith in online schooling wherein teachers and students experience huge benefits of learning in virtual platform.

My entire new team was operational by the end of the first week!”

e-KHOOL LMS has allowed us to transition from sending training manuals and/or videos by email or using folder sharing tools, to an easy to use and navigate platform that our employees can easily access and refer to as they are onboarding or to comply with the rules and regulations. We were able to track the employees performance on compulsory trainings, to ensure that all employees has the tools to succeed!

Image of Fred Hamchell of Dll

Fred Hamchell, Operation Manager, DII

e-KHOOL LMS Benefits

Main Benefits

  • Fully customizable
  • Compatible with all devices and browsers
  • Encrypted content delivery
  • Flip-book with video, audio, notes and exam embeddables
  • AI based analytical report
  • Branded mobile application

Important Features

  • Fully customizable
  • Compatible with all devices and browsers
  • Encrypted Content delivery
  • Flipbook with video, audio, notes and exam embeddables
  • AI based Analytical Reports
  • Branded Mobile Application
  • White Labelling
  • Offline Videos Downloads
  • Offline Documents Downloads
  • Fully Customizable Website Builders
  • Auto Upgrades & Maintenance
  • Social Logins

Learning Features

  • Study Room
  • Learning Analytics
  • AIRA Assitance Box
  • My Programs
  • Live Class
  • Resume Learning

Security Features

  • Video Settings
  • Video Encryption & Privacy
  • Screen Protection
  • Document Privacy

Marketing features

  • Business Settings
  • Site Wallpaper Settings
  • Contact Settings
  • Favicons
  • Theme Settings
  • Review & Testimonial
  • Coupon Codes
  • SEO Optimized Pages
  • Push Messages
  • Youtube Integration
  • Newsfeed Integration

Analytics Features

  • Program View Analytics
  • Exam View Analytics
  • Assignment View Analytics
  • Cumulative Program Backup

Admin Features

  • Course Module
  • Learner Module
  • Institute Module
  • Trainer Module
  • Group Learning
  • Question Module
  • Exam Hall
  • Session for Revision
  • Pages

e-KHOOL LMS Customers

Academic, Freelancers, Large Enterprises (>10,000), Non Profits, Public Administrations, Small/Medium Businesses

e-KHOOL LMS Industries

Education, K-12 eLearning, Higher Education, Information Technology, Services Professional Training & Coaching

e-KHOOL LMS Integrations

G Suite, Gmail, Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Google Calendar, GoToMeeting, Paypal, Salesforce CRM, Stripe WebEx, Zoom and more …

e-KHOOL LMS Use Cases

Academic, Learning Compliance, Training Continuing Education, Employee Onboarding, Employee Training, Training Companies and Workforce Development

e-KHOOL LMS Deployment

Desktop Application, Mobile Application, Self-Hosted, Cloud-based, Self-Hosted System, Software as a Service / Cloud

e-KHOOL LMS Training

Documentation, In Person Live, Online, Online Tutorials and Webinars

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