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ABTEC SOLUTIONS LTD. (aka ABTec Solutions)

At ABTEC SOLUTIONS LTD. (aka ABTec Solutions) our guiding principle is simple: To help you Digitally Shine. As a strategy-led digital management consulting partner, our ambition is to redefine the digital landscape.

Our journey began with a vision to transform the way Libraries, Educational Institutes, Governments, and Archives operate. Consequently, we’ve become a beacon in the realm of digital solutions.

Our Legacy

We Got Started Because We Want to help you Digitally Shine

Our expertise lies in unlocking the hidden intangible treasures of culture, heritage, and knowledge. By doing so, we’ve enabled countless organizations to share these treasures without boundaries.

Hence, the solutions we offer are not just about digitization only; they’re about making content more accessible, interactive, and secure.

Moreover, we are passionate about preserving the legacy of irreplaceable cultural heritage and treasures, historical architectural landmarks, and work of fine art. Inheritance of past generations is maintained in present and is bestowed for the benefit of future generations.

All the above to enable academics scientists, researchers, students and ordinary people to engage with these digital representations produced on Canada’s top book scanners and the fastest wide-format scanners “yet” of precious objects like Artwork, Books, Herbarium, Magazines, Manuscripts, Maps, Newspapers, Objects, Paintings & Photos without touching and potentially damaging the originals.

In addition, there is another venture at ABTec Solutions which is the Learning Management System (LMS), we have found from observing the North American market that there are many players in the LMS arena, however, many of lacks fundamental important features and functions.

Therefore, ABTec stepped in and partnered with what we have believed that it could be a revolutionary LMS platform boosted with artificial intelligence (AI), and gamification.

An LMS that will helps create consistent learning environments through centralized content with customized courses that change based on the needs, interests, and advancement of the learners.

And, this LMS will offer the chance to use their knowledge in actual situations by offering projects, simulations, case studies, and contests that can be utilized by businesses, nonprofits, and educational institutions to promote growth and learning. Soon to be #1 LMS providers in Canada, if not in North America.


MediaINFO Digital Library Management System from Geneza is a comprehensive system designed for digitally converted or created materials.

In addition, it provides a centralized platform for all digital assets, impressive, full resolution viewing experience and ensuring easy scalability, access and management.

Hence, this increases efficiency in content retrieval, enhances user experience, and ensures data security.

In conclusion, No matter which stage you are at in your digital strategy, the flexibility of the MediaINFO means that it can adapt your organization’s needs to utilize and re-use content more effectively.


e-Khool Learning Management System (LMS) from Resbee Info Technologies (P) Ltd is an AI-integrated advanced learning platform tailored for modern educational needs.

Because of incorporating AI, it personalizes learning experiences, making education more engaging. Thus, this boosts learning outcomes and offers scalable solutions for institutions.

As a result, clients are trusting e-Khool for its strength by offering more than 100+ functionalities, greater than 20+ integrations, scalable architecture, artificial intelligence enabled, multi-Language support and advanced technology stacks such as React JS, React Native, Next JS, Python and PHP.

In addition, e-khool LMS offers the subscription-based service model for the Learning Management System and tie up with more than 100+ schools. The Learning Management System will be delivered in web application as well as mobile application.


Our hardware scan solutions come from multiple vendors like Image Access GmbH, 4DigitalBooks and Microtek International to offer a high-quality scanner suitable for the widest range of materials, backed up by multi-vendor capture, image enhancement and recognition software’s.

All this, ensures high-resolution scans that capture every detail, preserving the integrity of the original. This not only reduces the risk of data loss but also saves physical storage space.

On-a-side Business; ABTec’s have partnered with other prominent digitization manufacturer based on specific requests from partners and/or clients and offered brands such as the “award-winning” HUE Document Camera, 100’s of units was supplied to a prominent educational institute for K12 used for streaming, teaching in a classroom or remotely.

Plus, other high-speed production sheet-feed document scanners and multi-functional devices for scanning bureaus.


With the WideTEK large format rotary and flatbed scanners and the Bookeye overhead planetary book scanners, Image Access GmbH (Germany) has the widest portfolio of products in the industry.

Using the above, Archives, libraries, museums, government and industry can scan/digitize and produce the highest quality image outputs at the fastest speed available wide format originals up to 60 inches wide with the book scanners, flatbed scanners, sheet-feed scanners and the unique art non-contact overhead scanner WideTEK 36ART.

In addition, these products are all backed by a commitment from Image Access to providing products with a focus on ecology and sustainability by using long-life LED illumination, ongoing compliance with electrical and ecological norms and standards, and through its own technological platform, the Scan2Net.

Also, Scan2Net is a recognized standard for reliability, flexibility and ease of use that is integrated in the scanner´s own built in 64 bit Linux PC and 16GB of memory.

Therefore, making the Bookeye and WideTEK scanners true standalone system capable of scanning directly to FTP servers, hot folders, USB drives, to cloud applications in the internet or copying to printers directly, without the need for an extra PC.


Non-destructive book scanning a process were books are converted to digital file formats without removing the back of the spine or destroying it. This process revolves around the use of special book scanner that protect the integrity of the spine and the pages of your original book.

So, non-destructive scanning of books can be done with manual or semiautomatic Overhead Book Scanners such as the Bookeye series of book Scanners or with an Automatic Book Scanner such as our Robotic Book Scanner that has its role in the digitization tools offered by ABTec, from 4DigitalBooks.

In addition, we offer the DL-Mini Auto-Flip Book Scanner in Canada only – An equipped auto-page flipper with a patented high speed air page turning process (up to 1500 pages per hour) and an air-cushioned book cradle.

In conclusion, both devices ensure highest automation, constant image quality and gentle handling of the books (up to 60 x 42 cm in size) without applying pressure or tension on the book spine making it a versatile design suitable for 24 hours / 7 days operation and all types of books, magazines, bound newspapers, spiral bound objects, registers and much more.


Other innovative scanners for Objects, Herbarium, Specimens, Botany, X-Ray films is being offered in North America from Microtek International (Founded in 1980) a Taiwan-based multinational manufacturer of digital imaging products and other consumer electronics.

As a result, Microtek produces imaging equipment for medical, biological and industrial fields. It occupies 20 percent of the global imaging market and holds 450 patents worldwide.

Therefore Microtek offers the perfect scanning and digitization tools for herbarium specimen centers of animals, plants and minerals, research centers, collecting agencies, manufactures of building materials, art designing and advertising companies to make digitization of objects easier and more efficient.

Microtek flagship digitalization tool is the ObjectScan 1600 which is an on-top scanner designed for capturing high resolution image of herbarium specimen. The device is bundled with ScanWizard Graph which provides scanner setting and image correction tools.

Also, MiVAPP Botany is a botanical database management system and web-server system. This system allows a botanical garden, university, and museum to share their collection online.


The Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) a cloud-delivered communications solutions from Avaya & RingCentral are revolutionary all-inclusive VoIP communication platforms that integrates voice, video, messaging, and more.

In addition, by streamlining communication channels into one unified platform, it enhances team collaboration and ensures real-time connectivity making it the ideal intelligent solution for your next cloud phone system, push to talk, remote meetings, cloud faxing and contact center solutions – An intelligent communications you can trust.

In conclusion, Team messaging and file sharing, Large Video meeting in High-definition (HD) video, AI Meeting Insights and Live Transcription, Whiteboard and annotations, Breakout rooms and End-to-end encryption for video and messaging are some of the important features in UCaaS that reinvents how industries connect and compatible with all your devices.


For safe learning environments we offer the IDSmart BookShower from MiTAC International – state-of-the-art sterilization system – designed to eliminate fungi, bacteria and virus that threaten the health of commonly used items through UV-C germicidal irradiation with a 99.99% sterilization rate.

As a result, the IDSmart BookShower features a UV-C rays, Air Blower, Natural Aroma, Electrostatic Air Filter and Non-Toxic use of chemicals or other harmful substances making it safe to the human and suitable for disinfection & sterilization.

Therefore, the BookShower can be used to disinfect & sterilize books, digital readers, files, keyboards, magazines, mail, manuals and even notebooks and tablets without damaging these materials, ensuring a safe learning environment and prolonging the lifespan of materials.

ABTec engineers and solution architects

Who Are We?

Based in Canada, we’re a dynamic team of software engineers and solution architects. Our commitment is to develop and deliver user-friendly, flexible, and affordable collaboration software solutions. Every client, every project receives our personal touch.

Services designed to cater to your needs

Our Essence

ABTec Solutions Ltd. stands as a beacon in the Canadian IT landscape. We’re dedicated to offering the latest in digitization, archiving hardware technologies, and IT services.

Our belief is unwavering: to provide a seamless digital transformation journey. Whether it’s cloud hosting, EDI, or business continuity, our services are designed to cater to diverse needs.

ABTec Professional Team

Our Team

We are a team of professionals with a singular goal – client satisfaction. Our mission is to empower entrepreneurs and businesses with cutting-edge sales and customer service techniques.

With years of experience, we’ve honed Sales and Marketing techniques that truly deliver. Our presence spans across Canada and the USA, ensuring we’re always there for you.

ABTec Ethos

Our Ethos

ABTec Solutions Ltd. is more than just a company; it’s a vision. As a leading name in the Canadian IT landscape, our ethos is built on innovation, integrity, and impact.

We’re not just providers; we’re partners, dedicated to offering the latest in digitization, archiving hardware technologies, and IT services. Our belief is simple yet profound: to provide a seamless digital transformation journey.

Whether it’s digital content cloud hosting, digitization. digitalization, business continuity, or any other service, we ensure excellence at every step.

After Sales Support

We take customer care and after sales seriously

ABTec Solutions is committed to providing you with quick and easy access to pre- and post-sales support.
If you need an advise on the best option from our range of products that fits your budget and requirement, or on how to get the most out of your purchased product, or have a question, or an issue with a product, you can contact us now, anytime.

All hardware or software sales & technical support requests can be made here during the contracted working hours by calling our

Toll-free number (800) 775-8993

You will be able to speak to a representative whom will be able answer most of your concerns, of not, he will dispatch your request to the appropriate personnel to get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Or alternatively, users and operators can create a support ticket through dual interface English & French ABTec Ticketing Service and Support System and view the ticket status


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