Wide Format Scanning — What You Need to Know

Do you have large format paper drawings or maps that you’re considering scanning to digital formats?  If so you’re not alone.  Nearly every day we talk to someone who has flat files and drawers that are full of old drawings that they need to preserve.   Our clients have included mining companies, government agencies, newspaper publishers, municipal archivists and more.

Scanning old paper documents and converting them into digital files is definitely one of the best ways to not just save it, but also make it more useful and easily accessible using Digital Library software solution that allows the unlimited number of users to interactively and intuitively view, browse, search, catalogue and share digitized content. No matter which stage you are at in your digital strategy, the flexibility of our Digital Library software means that it can adapt your organization’s needs. This is why it is sought after even by institutions it was not originally designed for. It is typically installed as an On-Premise installation on Client’s infrastructure.

Paper documents not only take up precious space, cost money to keep and maintain, but also are difficult and time-consuming to go through page by page to find and/or sort through and use when you or your employees need it. When digital files, on the other hand, take up no real space and can be instantly searched at any time and almost from any location with just a few strokes of a keyboard or a touchpad!

Clients with large-format documents and scanned business documents are finding integration of existing Document Management systems with Digital Library software extremely beneficial and describe it as a giant leap forward for their day-to-day operations.

Why Do Organizations Scan their Large Format Documents?

Generally, decisions to scan large format paper archives come about for one or more of the following reasons:

  • maintain electronic images of large documents for safe keeping
  • save on document storage costs
  • improve efficiency by making scanned drawings available at the click of a mouse
  • convert the drawings and maps to a digital CAD or GIS system
  • preserve deteriorating historical records

What can we scan in a large-format?

  • Engineering Drawings
  • Topographic Maps
  • Blueprints
  • Aerial Photographs
  • Circuit Drawings
  • Topographic Maps
  • Fine Work of Art
  • Architectural Drawings
  • Manufactured Product Designs
  • Satellite Images
  • Newspapers & Periodicals
  • Posters & Banners
  • Periodicals and more…