Microtek Object, Herbarium, NDT & Flatbed Scanners

An innovative scanning solutions for over three decades, and still continues to make technology breakthroughs in scanning solutions.


ObjectScan 1600

A Total Solution for Herbarium Specimen Digitization and Archive Management.

This unique mechanistic design guarantees the specimen morphological integration during image capture, eliminating irreversible risks from conventional up-side-down scan or vertically moving scanning station.

Both software and management system provide intuitive interface for non-IT herbarium curators and botanists, especially for herbarium inexperienced volunteers. The database structure follows JSTOR principle in order for the file exchange convenience between herbaria.

On-top scan design protects fragile plant specimen

1600-dpi color CCD provides high-resolution image

Adjustable scan beds are convenient for objects beyond focus

304.8 mm x 424.18 mm (12" × 16.7") Scan Area

12 seconds @ 400 dpi, A3 Color Scan Speed

Large-Format Flatbed

LS-3800 Scanner

A flat and large-format scanner which supports a scanning area up to 37” x 24” (larger than DIN A1) and perfect for scanning large documents, such as color posters, architectural drawings, industrial and construction blueprints.

Moreover, it is also fit to scan clothes, textiles, hanging charts, bounded books, fragile materials, fine arts, and other exquisite originals.


Advantages of a switchable two-way LED light source

Color CCD with true 800 dpi optical resolution

30 sec @ 200 dpi for A1 size in color Scan Speed

10 mm Depth of Field ensures superior scan quality

Convenient Casters for Easy Movement and Stationary

Optional Suites of Software Meet Various Demands

Industrial Scan

MII-900 Plus

NDT/ RT Film Digitizing System is an all-in-one imaging solution

The MII-900 Plus is a digitizing system of industrial films which is specially designed for meeting basic requirements toward image quality used in NDT/RT. With stellar designs of a feeder, a compact size as a normal printer.

It easily transfers the industrial X-Ray film into digital images for storage and management and makes it convenient to view and share for the professionals.

With 2400 dpi resolution, the MII-900 Plus can scan up to a size of 14-inch width and 200-inch length. Plus 16-bit image output and highlight LED light source

Warm-up free with energy-saving LED light source

15-sheet automatic film feeder and 3-sheet multi-channel tray

8 seconds at 300 dpi in grayscale per 14" x 17" film Scan Speed

Radiographic Transparent Scanable Media Types

8.5" x 4.5", 12" x 3 1/3" Supported Film Types

Large-Format Flatbed

LS-4600 Scanner

Microtek’s LS-4600 is a scanner which is exclusively designed for capturing large-size pictures. It is equipped with a large A0 scan bed; therefore, you can process scanning of large-size materials easily.

LS-4600 delivers fantastic experiments of image scanning to you and guarantees superior color quality at the same time.

There is no doubt that LS-4600 is your first and best choice for digitizing large-size materials, such as old pictures, books and historical painting albums.

  • Scanning area is up to A0 size (841 mm x 1189 mm)
  • Single image sensor prevents occurring of errors for image stitching
  • Two-way LED light source decreases shadows of folded materials effectively
  • An optional board is exclusively designed for flattening large-size drawings
  • Trolley with attached casters for easy movement
  • Bundled with exclusive, multifunctional and easy-to-use ScanWizard Graph software



Microtek has been developing technologies and products using extensive in-house expertise. These technologies have enabled the design of a wide range of products that meet the specific needs of each customer and market.

Over the span of more than a quarter century, Microtek has accumulated a vast technology knowledge base in digital imaging field, including more than 400 patents.

Microtek International, Inc

Science Based Industrial Park, Hsinchu, Taiwan

This state-of-the-art technical portfolio has positioned Microtek as one of the professional manufacturer in digital imaging application.

With more than 30 years of cumulative experience in digital imaging, Microtek organizes related technologies into platform-based structure, which allows easier and modular system integration.