EDI2XML for Shopify: Automate Data Entry

Shopify is an online e-commerce business platform, based in Canada. Any small to medium business can open a store on the platform and sell their products online after the subscription fee.

EDI2XML (Automated Electronic Data Interchange) is a cloud platform like Shopify. In simple words, EDI2XML encapsulates within it a set of methodologies and tools, based on which essential data like (purchase orders, billing, receipts, etc.) are exchanged between various back-end systems over the internet. EDI2XML eliminates manual data entry, data duplicates, accuracy, runs 24/7 between Shopify and your back-end systems.

  • Drop shipping: The emergence and functioning of online retail stores (in this case, Shopify), the seller receives the request for a particular product and gets the customer’s payment online. The seller then forwards and conveys the notification of the order to the company’s manufacturer business partner. The manufacturing unit, in turn, finally delivers through the shipping company the product to the customer who had ordered.
  • EDI2XML integration: Why do you require EDI2XML Integration with your Shopify store?
  • Real-Time Updates: Using EDI2XML integration for Shopify all the retailers and customers
    get updated with real-time status of product availability, prices, and so on. Providing real-time updates will increase user experience, too.
  • Automate data entry: Stop being occupied with the admin task, EDI2XML integration can help you to eliminate data re-entry with removing human errors, decrease labor work, and speed up the ‘order to payment’ cash cycle. Ultimately, this will lead you to grow your business.
  • Connection: EDI2XML Integration allows you to connect over multiple online stores without any hesitation. It is smooth and flawless. EDI2XML Integration allows easy working and free transition and connection.
  • Get Updates: Get notifications about orders as soon as they are placed. The notification is sent to you via email and other platforms. Stay updated always. Get notified as soon as an order comes in. Every time your retailer sends an order, you get an email letting you know.
  • Send Notifications: Send updates to your customers about shipping and transport. Keep them updated about the progress of their product.
  • Inventory Balances: You do not have to carry your inventory everywhere. You do not have to worry about updating it manually. EDI2XML Integration does the job for you automatically.
  • Keep all your EDI2XML connections up-to-date automatically: You do not have to pay attention to your technical business details. EDI2XML Integration has it covered for you.
  • Product Updates: You can have automatically new products updated to your online store in Shopify from another system (POS). You do not have to update it manually.

To wrap up, EDI2XML is the perfect solution for all your business promotions and transactions. EDI2XML enables automation in the up-gradation of business records and helps to eliminate data entry.

EDI2XML also allows the user to connect over various business platforms across the internet; it also allows the user to exchange and transact data and other documents via a highly secured connection network.

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