TN ActiveCare™

A single platform for all Autism Spectrum Disorder service providers and parents

The rise in frequency of children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) has increased the demand for Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention (EIBI) that could link the child, parents, clinicians, educators, advocates, funders, federal and municipal governments into a single system. As a matter of fact, there are numerous ASD targeted applications, however, more app creators are turning their attention to the particular learning needs of kids or educators on the autism spectrum, but none with a single application that links all concerned parties.

CEO Of Technology North, a father of a child with Autism has experienced first-hand the struggles and frustrations throughout his son’s intervention including not being able to retrieve timely progress information and evidence-based outcome results. Teaming up with the Excel Society and the Centre for Autism Service, with the support of an Innovation Fund, the Canadian Federal Government’s Industry Research and Assistant Program (NRC-IRAP) and partnership with TEC Edmonton for technology commercialization support, TN ActiveCare™ was born in the Spring of 2010 and was co-developed by a leading ASD service provider like you.

TN ActiveCare™ (TNAC) – an HIPAA compliant – is the cutting-edge in-service clinical treatment platform helping families and treatment service providers for over a decade to manage treatment session, data collection and client care management for thousands of children with ASD guided remotely by clinicians and frontline staff. With TN ActiveCare™, service providers and parents can:

  • Quickly create Individualized Program Plans (IPPs),
  • Develop remotely delivered treatment programs,
  • Automatically manage client skill development and mastery,
  • Monitor behavior appearance and fade-out,
  • Budget treatment plans by insurance provider,
  • Enable guardian-clinician communication,
  • Collect in-session data via PC, laptop, and iPad,
  • Perform statistical analysis with advanced data management tools, and
  • Deliver peer-to-peer tele-health collaboration via enhanced session video clip tagging and sharing.

TN ActiveCare™ is a web/cloud-based system that allows consultants, families, and other professionals to create, access, and manage multi-client information regardless of location, on an individualized and continuous basis. TN ActiveCare™ allows real-time recording and collection of EIBI session data, automated graphing of data, and secure uploading of the data to an electronic storage base.

Uniquely configurable TN ActiveCare™ to manage the individual contexts of the client and clinical team, TN ActiveCare™ is positioned to play a role in maintaining service continuity for children with ASD during medical outbreak situation and other significant events like travel opportunities and scenarios where the clinician or therapist and client cannot physically meet

  • Guardians, in tandem with the clinician, speech, and/ or behavioral therapists via teleconference, play a significant role in managing their child’s ongoing positive developmental gains. With guidance, parents can remotely deliver their child’s treatment program plan and capture critical session data, uploading it to the TN ActiveCare™ platform.
  • Clinicians can then observe the results in graphical and report formats to adjust the client’s treatment plans as needed.  Parents may capture behavior events via video during sessions and submit clips of these to the behavior specialist, who tags moments for quick viewing by the clinician for a full 360° view of the client’s progress.  The entire team keeps track of progress through tagged notes and ongoing, evolving conversations in TN ActiveCare™ without needing to send a single character of client data via email.

While other platforms for ASD treatment are more generalized, offering only scheduling calendars, documentation, reporting, and billing, TN ActiveCare™ offers these too plus ASD-specific tools to create IPPs, track skill development and mastery, provide statistical analysis, enable the creation of unique-to-client/ service provider libraries of skills and behaviors, and so much more. Over a decade of working closely with service providers and listening to what drives successful skill development and mastery in ASD treatment, TN ActiveCare™ is the must-have for all service providers, clinicians, therapists, and parents of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder to effectively influence the most positive treatment outcomes.

NT ActiveCare Brochure

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TN ActiveCare™



  1. Capture more observational data in less time.
  2. Significantly reduce or eliminate paper usage.
  3. Collect data as fast and efficiently as using traditional pen and paper.
  4. Experience greater pride and better results.
  5. Receive quantitative behavioral and skills program data from front-line data capture in real time.
  6. Create visually powerful reports with minimal effort.
  7. Online access to reports anytime and anywhere.
  8. Better support front line staff and ensure their success.
  9. Manage budgets more effectively through in-depth budget tracking.
  10. Improve morale and reduce employee turnover by lowering administrative burden.
  11. Take advantage of cost savings while improving overall quality of care.
  12. Increase revenue by reducing audit failures.
  13. Strengthen and maintain real-time connections with Guardians and Funders.
  14. Great flexibility of use meeting with different service models
  15. More efficient with our clinical practice
  16. Very aesthetically pleasing and user friendly software
  17. Standardized care through knowledge-based templates in the goal bank library
  18. Easily view progress and summary information at a glance using Timeline on the iPad
  19. Information is kept private and stored securely, secure online access to the system anytime and anywhere


  1. Share information securely with care providers and other family members using the Web or iPad or iPad mini.
  2. Access schedules, monitor progress, and find other important information such as contacts, documents and notes whenever you need them.
  3. Record and share video and audio using the Web or iPad or iPad mini.


  1. Ensure more standardized care delivery, data collection and reporting.
  2. Simplify auditing by reducing or eliminating lost paperwork.
  3. HIA and HIPAA compliant.
  4. Support a client-centered approach with multidisciplinary teams.

TN ActiveCare™



  • Flexible capability to customize clients form
  • Easily view and generate an up-to-date comprehensive client case file report.
  • Attach and easily access additional documents in a client’s central file repository.
  • All client information is accessible in one spot including updates from all users.
  • Front-line workers no longer need to carry large binders full of client information.


  • Create client-centered, individualized care plans.
  • Maintain integrity and consistency of planning through custom curriculum libraries.
  • Integrated long-term, short-term goals with teaching plan and behavior management plan
  • Capture program skills and behavioral data on the iPad in real time to make planning efficient and accurate.


  • Supports the principles of Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA).
  • Support simple or complex data sets.
  • Customizable fields to enter S^D data and materials.
  • Behavior tracking in the form of ABC’s (antecedents, behaviors, and consequences).
  • Record different kinds of behavioral data including frequency, duration, rate, and latency.
  • Quick collect objective data, and instantly generate meaningful charts to track progress.


  • Standardize and accelerate delivery by importing content to clients from your organization’s shared library.
  • Reuse and share templates of program skills, behaviors and other resources.
  • Create client program plans more quickly and with fewer errors.
  • Predefined library available to license.


  • Quickly generate a variety of reports to capture client progress, view schedules, or review budgets.
  • Filter reports by client, date, or staff to narrow the scope of the content produced.
  • Powerful charts for program skills and behaviors available in real time.
  • Flexible chart display allows users to tailor charts and save charts as images to be used in external documents, reports, or emails.
  • Present accumulated data in numerous business specific reports for detailed analysis of client outcomes.


  • User friendly data collection on iPad supports complex and sophisticated ABA data-style program, target, phase and prompt level
  • Intelligence engine supports phase auto-movement
  • Support for forward chaining with option to reset on failure and backward chaining.
  • Collecting program data using intervals (collect the data every 30 seconds, for example).
  • Supports in session note and stimulus direction (SD).


  • Fully compliant with HIPAA, HIA, and Canadian Federal PIPEDA laws.
  • Personal information is fully protected.
  • Data center with multiple redundancy, disaster recovery, and backup technologies.
  • Fully controlled user authentication and authorization, and access control logging.

TN ActiveCare™

Users Feedback

TN ActiveCare decreases our front-line staff’s indirect time by 75% …. TN ActiveCare really increased staff morale, provided our staff with a sense of pride in their work and demonstrates our professionalism. Staff is more engaged with their work. I am hoping happy staff will result in less turnover.
- Sharon Read, President and CEO of Excel Society

TNAC has enabled us to deliver effective, quality, responsive services to our clients as our clinical supervisors are able to monitor services in real time, and make immediate adjustments when the child needs them, never wasting valuable time.
- Sarah E. Sanders, M.Ed., BCBA, Co-CEO, UTBS USA

TN ActiveCare shows the skills I have and that I am not a babysitter. I am a professional delivering results.
- Excel GRC Centre frontline staff, Excel Society

We chose TN ActiveCare because it has the greatest flexibility of use, allows us to be more efficient with our clinical practice, and is very aesthetically pleasing and user friendly.
- Jon Bruno, MS, BCBA, clinical director, BEST for Autism, California USA