Full-Service EDI2XML vs. Managed EDI2XML Service

 Choosing between different EDI2XML services can prove to be a daunting task for experienced business people as well as those who are just starting. The simplest way to categorize them is by whether they offer managed or full-service solutions.

What is a Full-Service EDI2XML?

Full-service EDI2XML contains both a cloud-based system and affiliated resources to personalize, enhance, and manage the technology. In this framework, the EDI2XML vendor conducts a full business role on behalf of the client.

What is a managed EDI2XML Service?

Managed EDI2XML software is a cloud-based system wherein the EDI2XML vendor is responsible for the design and management of the core infrastructure. At the same time, the internal personnel of the client is responsible for day-to-day configuration, management, and application operations.

Comparing Full Service EDI2XML and Managed EDI2XML Services (Benefits and Uses)


  • Offers increased flexibility and seamless integration
  • Cost-effective if you take into account overheads and the full Total Cost of Ownership(TCO)


  • Involves relatively low financial cost and great cloud EDI2XML service.
  • Offers excellent customer service and specialist EDI2XML integration experience in addition to daily improvements to market maps.
  • Requires limited time and energy.
  • The vendor is accountable for the smooth activity and the fulfillment of goals.
  • Provider encourages the mechanism of community enablement as well as the delivery of value-added services to enable you to exchange internationally.
  • Increases corporate mobility by supplying you with the means to penetrate market opportunities and territories easily.
  • Increases market efficiency by offering a new level of knowledge regarding your success and that of your distribution chain and your business associates.


The answer to choosing the service optimal for your company revolves around your requirements, goals, and ideas.

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