Cybersecurity in Corona-Virus Time

A recent study* shows that while the World is focused on the threat posed by COVID-19, cyber-criminals around the world are poised to capitalize on the crisis by launching a different kind cyber-attacks targeting groups that rarely experienced working outside their businesses specially in masse remote work like Hospitality, Healthcare, Education & Research, and Retail were cyber-criminals are moving into the router and IoT security space.

Employees often work in teams by using collaboration tools to empower their digital workspace and If a tool isn’t working right they download a substitute. That’s WRONG, as you could inadvertently introduce a software program with a security flaw — and that means someone unauthorized may be able to access business and/or personal data or security camera, access-doors, and doorbells.

Consult your setup with a specialized digital transformation company now, or alternatively contact ABTec Solutions for a Free-Consultation now, we will give you our opinion on how to best security hygiene to protect your digital repositories and work-space.