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4DigitalBook DL-Mini Auto-Flip Book Scanner - The perfect combination of image quality and productivity for your automatic book scanning requirements.

The 4DigitalBook DL-Mini is equipped with a suction-assisted page-turner and an air-cushioned book holder. These two systems ensure that the works are handled without applying any pressure and that the binding undergoes no strain.

DL-mini automatic flip book scanner suitable for books, magazines and bound newspapers - Up to A2 format scanning surface suitable for 24 hours / 7 days operation, with Constant Image Quality, Reliable Page Turning and Highest Book Safety.

4DigitalBook DL-Mini is designed for Large Volume of Book Digitization of any bound material that significantly increases the net throughput and lowers the overall costs of your digitization projects.

No need choosing between automatic or manual scanner, you have both in ONE !
Uniquely, the DL-mini is an automatic and manual book scanner for any kind of documents, it will accepts books up to double A3, unusual documents such as photo albums, stamp albums, spiral, bound notebooks, postcards, photos, manuscripts … and Allows scanning exceptions found in bound documents such as lose sheets, inserts, fold-outs, bent pages, torn pages, covers …

Dl-mini detects double pages and automatically retries page pickup, insuring one page turn at a time and less operator interventions. Reaches consistent productivity of 1300 pages per hour and max speed of 2000 pages per hour for quick scanning of easy books.

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