Documents Accepted

Documents Accepted:
  • Book weight: max. 10 kg
  • Book thickness: max. 100 mm
  • Minimum Page Size: min A6 (105 x 148 mm)
  • Maximum Page Size: A3 (297 x 420 mm)
  • Scanning surface: max A2 (600 x 420 mm)
  • Opening angle of pages: 180°
  • Paper weight: min. 20 g/m2, max. 200 g/m2
  • Wavy pages or covers: max. amplitude 10 mm

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Our Story began with an idea from a group of friends with over 100 years of collective experience who originally met in the mid 80’s during their high education and afterward during their profession and career. Then reunited many years later in Canada, after they had managed other highly successful international businesses in Document Imaging, Archiving Solutions, Channel Management and IT Business Consultancy, thus bringing extensive, rewarding business experience to the new venture.

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