Delivery & Maintenance

  • 4DigitalBook DL-Mini Delivery Includes “Complete Ready to Use”
  • Scanner, Camera( s) and LED lights.
  • Page Turner with Vacuum Pump and Pipes.
  • PC-Scan Computer with i7 CPU, 8 GB RAM, Windows 10 PRO
    24" Monitor, Keyboard, MouseFoot Switch.
  • 1 TB ultra fast Local Storage.
  • Page Improver Scanning Software.
  • PC-Remote Computer (for Canon cameras only).
  • Robust Table on Wheels.
  • DL-mini has ZERO consumables
  • Heavy Duty cycle of 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.
  • Recommended maintenance after every year of operation, once per year.
  • Full remote control capability for technical support and diagnosis, user assistance and training.

about us

Our Story began with an idea from a group of friends with over 100 years of collective experience who originally met in the mid 80’s during their high education and afterward during their profession and career. Then reunited many years later in Canada, after they had managed other highly successful international businesses in Document Imaging, Archiving Solutions, Channel Management and IT Business Consultancy, thus bringing extensive, rewarding business experience to the new venture.

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