ABTec Solutions offers you the luxury to choose between multiple services that we proudly provide to your business.

ABTec Solutions offers you the luxury to choose between Capital Expenditure (CapEx *) and Operating Expenses (OpEx **) for acquiring new equipment’s for your digital transformation journey. Many businesses of all sizes and types rely on a sets budgets and availability of funds to achieve digitization goals, specially when it involves high CapEx, and thus we offer you the chance to convert all your requirements to OpEx.

* CapEx are the amounts that companies use to purchase major physical goods or services that will be used for more than one year.
** Operating expenses (OpEx) are the funds an organization uses to run its day-to-day business.

Here is some of ABTec Solutions OpEx services & SaaS models that we handled quickly and efficiently, to deliver meaningful benefits that impact revenue and growth, including enhanced service levels, lower operational costs, and higher customer satisfaction:


On-Site & Off-Site Scanning Services

We use Intelligent & Automated equipment’s to capture and convert all type of printed media such as Books, Manuscripts, Newspapers, Periodicals, Catalogues, Magazines and bound publications in to electronic images. At ABTec Solutions, we use None-Destructive methods to save guard your valuable content. Our Robotic and Semiautomatic overhead book scanners are suitable for digitization projects that require high quality and maximum productivity even in 24/7 operation that covers media sizes from 10×10 cm up to 63 x 85 cm (8% > DIN A1).

For your Large Format media such as Architecture, Engineering, Construction documents, size matters! No problem. We offer the largest and the fastest Wide-Format scanners on the market, producing production quality images at up to 22.9 meter/minute. We can processes documents up to 61.85 inches wide with a maximum scanning width of 60 inches.

For your Art Work such as Oil and Acrylic Paintings, Portraits & Antique Works of Art, we offer touchless digitization using a Fine Art CCD Scanner (Cool UV and IR-free LED illumination also protects valuable art from color distortion or damage due to excessive exposure to light) with 3D Texture & 3D illumination scanning techniques providing the Perfect illusion while maintaining the Authenticity of Colors, thus capturing all surface textures, from the finest stroke of the brush to gouache painting techniques.

Using large format printers from HP, Canon or EPSON, the output from our Fine Art scanner brings the basis for professional art reproduction of High quality replica of artwork for sale in museums, archives and auction houses.


OCR and Automated Indexing

We offer Pay-As-You-Go award-winning Optical Character Recognition (OCR) services to scanned images that automatically cleans global language documents and converts them to actionable text. A truly intelligent solution that incorporates state-of-the-art image enhancement, on-the-fly global language recognition and unparalleled accuracy Optical Character Recognition.


SaaS Digital Content Cloud Hosting

You have scanned your documents and you don’t have the sufficient storage space in your infrastructure! No Worries, ABTec Solutions offers on-demand availability of computer system resources, especially data storage and computing power in a “pay-as-you-go” model, this offer you Performance, Security, Expert Support, Collaboration, Control and Monitoring.

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